Sunday, October 25, 2015


This is from a new feature that the city of Houston has.  It is the Harris County Flood Warning System, a network of stations all around town that show real time rainfall totals and because they are scattered all along the bayous (streams) across town, the site also shows the real time water level vs the bank height so we can see what is close to or actually overflowing.  

Click on the image above to enlarge.  

I just captured the image about 45 minutes ago, it shows the amount of rain we have had in 24 hours.  Our house here in town is in the area called "The Heights" and the gauge there shows 9.76" of rain.  

Fortunately, the rain has slowed down, the bayous are receding and being a weekend, not many people are out on the roads.  All things considered, the city has fared rather well this time around.

Haven't heard from 2nd Family yet to get the total at the farm overnight.  When we chatted yesterday afternoon, "J" said it was 3.5" and the ground was soaking it up like a sponge so that's good.  So glad I got the raised beds cleaned up last weekend, because it would have been another weekend or two at this point.

Hope you are having a better weekend!

UPDATE:  2nd Family tells us just at 6" total at the farm.  That's wonderful, no flooding and the ground soaked it right up.


Gail said...

I wondered if you were bragging...teasing!

We have less than an inch here but the skies are cloudy so there is hope for more.

Have a very wonderful weekend. I am glad it is not the catastrophe the last rain was.

Practical Parsimony said...

That is a neat map to have. That's a lot of rain!

Texas Rose said...

This is a great rainfall monitoring system that Houston has - it will give people advance notice of any impending emergency. Glad that y’all are alright and haven't flooded.
We got 9 inches here, with still a light rain - but no flooding. But the ground is completely saturated. With the strong wind, my okra got half blown down and I had to brace them back up with bricks. Also the Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower got half blown down, along with a tomato plant. And the lettuce and squash is looking all wind-blown. Hard to imagine that a hurricane on the other side of Mexico could still deliver a punch to SE Texas. But we gotta take the good with the bad - at least we got some much needed rain.
I’m going to put in my “Jurassic World” DVD and enjoy the rest of this rainy, blustery day - and maybe a nap. Y’all have a good Sunday afternoon!

Elephant's Child said...

Some world wide weather moderation would be nice.
We got a little (very welcome rain) last week. Less than half an inch. And we need more.
Glad you got the raised beds cleared last weekend.

Elephant's Child said...

I came across THIS LINK and thought you might be interested. It sounds as if it will revolutionise bee keeping. Less stress for the bees, less stings for the keepers.

1st Man said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

I hope you get some of this, it seems pretty widespread!

Yes, it was a lot of rain but everything worked as it should and all is good tonight.

1st Man said...

It's really neat in an event like this. Realtime rainfall totals all over the city and watching where the water tributaries are that are rising is very important. Plus it's just kinda fun, ha.

1st Man said...

Isn't it great? I think this is fairly recent. More people here need to know about it. They are talking about a mobile app version and perhaps tying it in with roadways, at least the low lying ones.

SO sorry about your garden it had some damage, hopefully the plants are resilient.

Haven't seen Jurassic World yet but will probably next weekend. ;-)

1st Man said...

It's crazy all over the world isn't it? I wish I could send some your way! I'll work on that. ;-)

And yes, SO glad I got that done. I bet there are nice and wet now (6" out there was the final total at the farm).

1st Man said...

I have heard about these, but need to read up onto them some more. Thanks for thinking of us!!

Weekend-Windup said...

I have seen a machine which extracts the honey from the honey comb without disturbing the bees and no stings for the bee takers. It was nice and the honey looks very fresh...

Colleen said...

Here where I'm located, we received almost 12 inches of rainfall.
I was wondering, with all the rain, how your bees faired. Maybe they could use some little rain coats in rains like what we had. :}