Monday, February 20, 2017


Well, it was another productive (and muscles sore) day.  I stopped at the store to get the rest of the soil for the raised beds. I love having my Jeep because I SURE couldn't have done this in the Fiat!

There are 21 bags of soil and compost in this picture.  From back end to front passenger seat (which folds flat so it's level with the back) it all fit.  Of course, it was kind of like a really heavy version of Tetris, but in the end "I won".

As I was filling one of the last beds, I noticed this.  I thought it was pretty cool.  This box was made of 100% recycled paper, and now it's getting recycled a second (and final) time.  

Hmm, would that be re-recycled?  

Raised bed orchard
Here are the beds, finally done, filled and waiting.  The plan is to let them sit a couple of weeks and then I will plant the trees the first weekend in March.

Several of you have asked how the mini orchard relates to the house and I realized that I haven't taken a picture back toward the house.  Oops!  I'll have to do that once I get them planted, but until then, I did find this one to give you an idea of the location.  

This is our "back yard" you might say.  The house is at the back of the property and since there is a water faucet and a power outlet on the back of the house, it seemed like the best place.  It keeps the fruit trees close to the house so we can enjoy them, have easy access to them and of course care for them.

Pork chop dinner
Since 2nd Man stayed in town, he had a nice a dinner waiting for me when I got back into town.  Pork chops, mashed potatoes and peas (I love peas!).  

And yep, I ate it all.  I worked up an appetite.

Big rains coming.  We are under a flash flood watch (soon to be a warning as this posts I'm sure) with the potential for up to 5" of rain and localized flooding.  Sunday was a good day to stay in town, rest my sore muscles and start planning what we're going to do with the Spring veggie garden which I'll work on this coming weekend.   

Today of course, it's back to work.  All of this is rain, very widespread, as of last night about 9pm and it's moving toward us (we're on the right side of the image).  It's going to be a nasty day.  Ugh.

Updates later as they warrant!


Texas Rose said...

Looking good! All the hard work is done! Now all is ready for the planting - the fun part.

Recycled-recycled cardboard - you are the champion at recycling!

Another scrumptious meal from 2nd Man!

1st Man said...

Thank you! Yep, kind of excited for the tree planting. And of course then the garden planting, ha. Dinner was delish!!

Practical Parsimony said...

This will all be exciting. You can just step out the door to pick a peach for dessert after dinner. However, I am still confused as to where this little orchard is located in relation to the house.

1st Man said...

Thanks!! We are too (well, I am, I'm sure 2nd Man is just waiting for the eventual harvest, ha). I updated the post to include a photo, you had a great question (and a few others have asked along the way as well). It's the 'backyard' directly behind the house (well, it's hard to tell it the photos but the closest row of trees is about 20 ft from the house). Thanks!

peg said...

Could you please somehow tie down things in the back of the Jeep? If you have to do an emergency stop,those bags will slide to the front and squish you.. Yes,I'm a mom,and I worry.. and I've seen things happen :(

Mike said...

Just curious, since every farm in Texas has an oil well on it, where are you going to put yours? In the orchard or the front yard? :-)

1st Man said...

Aw, thanks for that. Yes, in retrospect that might now have been the smartest. I will remember this for any future hauling trips, I promise. Thank you again! ;-)

1st Man said...

LOL! Well we do have mineral rights to the property but alas, I don't think there are any oil wells I our area. But rest assured if there were, we'd be on it! Ha!!

Colleen said...

I can almost see your mouth watering already just waiting to pick that very first fruit from one of your trees.. hoping all your trees survive and that you will be blessed with much fruit.
Rule of thumb to remember when planting trees, shrubs, etc.
'The first year they sleep,
the second year they creep
and the third year they leap.
Them pork chops sure do look delicious as well as the peas. I like the frozen peas but cannot stand to eat canned peas. A mashed potato eater I'm not. I eat potatoes; just not mashed.
We received some rain early hours this morning but no serious storms here in our area. We received 2 inches or rain last week.
Would you believe that our yard actually needs to be mowed but that will have to wait till later in the week.

donna baker said...

I hauled home a raised cedar planter and large bags of potting soil yesterday. Even with the hand truck, I couldn't move them. Sigh. Had to carry them till I could finally lean the thing back. The city house is already planted with flowers and shrubs, so thick there is no room for vegetables. Hence, the planter. Now I am wondering if the location will get enough sun. Guess, I'll find out.

Practical Parsimony said...

Thanks for the pictorial reminder. I am quite sure you mentioned the location somewhere along the way. The picture makes it easier to visualize in the future.

1st Man said...

We can't wait!! But alas, we will have to wait won't we? Ha. I like that phrase, sleep, creep and leap. I'll remember that.

These were frozen peas, we don't eat anything from a can other than tomato products and beans. All other veggies just aren't the same when from a can (not "canning" of course that's the ultimate!).

Not sure what our rain total was, 2nd Family's rain gauge broke, we're going to get them a new one. ;-)

1st Man said...

those bags of soil weigh so much more than it seems. I feel your pain. I bet your flowers are lovely. I bet the planter will work great. And being somewhat "portable" you can put it where it needs to be for sun. Fingers crossed for you!!