Sunday, July 23, 2017


Regular blog readers will know that one of our favorite Summer diversions on TV is "Shark Week" on Discovery Channel.  It starts tonight.

HERE is the schedule for those interested.

In honor of our favorite time of Summer, I took these photos at the farm of...LAND SHARKS (thanks Carol!)

Why do I hear the Jaws theme while mowing?

Not the Jeep!  Save the Zen Machine!

Um, I think I'll put the mower back in the shed later...

Shark Week 2017
Hope you are having a good, shark free weekend so far.  We got some basic stuff done yesterday but it was a "feels like" of 108 degrees at one point so not much got done inside or outside.  I mowed, watered the trees, pulled a few weeds and about had a heatstroke.  Today is rain.

Time for some sharks.


  1. You are so funny! Land sharks, right? Like on SNL? I still think Jaws was one of the best movies ever, even though the behind the scenes docs showed how the shark was not ready for his close up. Happy shark viewing!

  2. LOL!!!!! We must be on same wave length. Yesterday I just posted Miss Richfield 1981's video but avoiding shark attacks.

  3. Have fun with your sharks. In the South we say, "Walk slow and stay in the shade." Mind you do I hope you are holding a cool drink of some kind now.

    Yes, I know the saying is grammatically incorrect, but that is the saying.

  4. Love your Land Sharks! Love Shark Week too!

  5. :} LOL. You are certainly one of a kind; having your very own Farm Shark and having it on dry land besides. :} Enjoy your Shark Week.

    Had to mow our yard and oh, mercy, was it ever hot. That heat just drains a person. Totally exhausted by time we finished with the yard.
    Have a great day and enjoy your evening

  6. I died when that big shark swam up and got in its place on cue and swam so perfectly.

  7. If I'd noticed those on Prime Day, I'd have probably ended up with a couple of them. I could watch the feral cats napping in the backyard when Franklin and Penelope aren't there to chase them away.


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