Wednesday, June 24, 2020


We had a crazy storm in Houston.  Lots of lightning.  And that's my new thing to try to capture with the camera.  You have to take about 500 photos in a row with the shutter speed set to almost continuous in order to capture it but then when you do, it's like, well, lightning in a, camera.

The sky would open up with a glow that told us lightning was about to be generated...either that or the alien mothership and the way 2020 is going...LOL...

In this case it came out from the opening and radiated across the sky.  Super bright at first...

...and then it just gets less bright and disappears.  All in the span of a couple seconds at most.

This one hit the ground somewhere "over there". I always wonder where a bolt like this strikes in that instant. A tree? A telephone pole? A house or building?

As this posts, we are under another flash flood watch and severe thunderstorm watch.  It's going to be one of those weeks.  Hoping I can get some more pictures.  In another life, I might have been a storm chaser.  It's just so fascinating seeing big storms rolling across the sky.

That could come from growing up and spending Summers with my grandparents in Oklahoma where my Grandfather would stand outside and watch a storm in the distance as it grew and moved our direction.  He'd talk about how he didn't like the looks of this cloud or that storm, how we might have hail, heavy rain, or even a funnel cloud...he was a patio weatherman, ha. 


  1. You captured some great photos.
    Living in Iowa a person could just smell the air and knew a storms was brewing up.
    Since Friday evening we have received roughly 3 inches of rain fall of which we really needed, as our yard was starting to receive cracks so the rains really helped.
    Keep them great photos coming & thank U 4 sharing them.
    Enjoy your day

  2. AWESOME!! When I lived in El Paso I used to take pictures of lightning on the mountains. It was really a beautiful sight.

  3. Great photos. If you ever do get a shot of the alien mother ship, then I suspect you'll be able to sell it for a pretty penny--or a pretty Penelope.


  4. Oh I love the photos, but them I am weird and love to watch an electrical storm. We often sit on the porch and watch them. (That is until the lightening gets really close. Then we make a quick retreat)

  5. Beautiful pictures. I love storms, also. I think being a storm chaser would be fascinating.

  6. Love your pictures. I like to watch storms also. We are having a pretty active one right now.

  7. Patio weatherman is such a descriptive term. Love it.

  8. This exact same scenario played out last night Thai Time, almost 24 hours ago, and the lightening was so bright it looked like a welder's torch or carbon rod arc in a search light. The clouds lit up just before the bright lightening arc moved across the sky under the clouds like in your photo. About 15 minutes later the wind became like a tropical storm blowing in from the south against my apartment. A few minutes after that we had a deluge of rain that lasted around 30 minutes, and everything just blew past. These types of events have been occurring more and more frequently in the past 18 months, something that in my 18 years of living here I haven't seen until recently (+/- 18 months). As well as you know me, I'm always staying on-top of science, news, politics, etc., and over the course of my lifetime, 59 years now, so much is behaving wacky, on Earth, our solar system, and things we've been discovering out in the universe. These just feel like spooky times, my friend.


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