Wednesday, December 30, 2020


I was looking through photos and saw this that I forgot to post a couple weeks back.  I was at the farm checking the fruit trees and when I walked up on this raised bed, I saw this... was a branch off the tree that I had trimmed the week before and I guess it had dropped there but I didn't notice it.

Until this day. 

When I thought it was a snake.

And I may or may not have quickly taken a few steps backwards.

I have seen branches, hoses, a piece of a cord, and even twine that has always looked at first glance like a snake and my heart rate speeds up a bit.

Why does everything remind us of snakes?  Human nature? Or just our fear manifesting itself?


  1. Sometimes our eyes & mind can really be deceiving; seeing things that aren't what we think they are.

    Well, our nasty weather has moved in. It has been raining since 5:45am and temperature has dropped.
    Going to be a nasty New Years Eve here but us old folks will be staying in

  2. it does look snake-like. better safe than sorry.

  3. At first glance, that twig does indeed look like a snake. That will get the heart rate up!
    I think we are hard-wired to spot snakes, as a preservation skill. I do the same thing – for a few seconds, something in the yard looks like a snake.
    I’ve been enjoying our spring-like weather the past several days. It’s been perfect to get some yard jobs done before this coming cold front.

  4. Day-old chicks run from a piece of banana skin as it comes down and refuse to come near it. They are hard-wired. We have learned by experience. My son was going to pick up a snake, but in a few years I had instilled the fear of snakes in him. I have rubber snakes to keep birds from my garden. They often raise my blood pressure, and I am the one who placed them in the garden!

  5. Better to be cautious than to reach for a branch to find it's actually a snake! Ugh. Ranee (MN)

  6. I live in the south (SC) and am wary of long skinny things, too. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2021.

  7. Just know that your "fight or flight" instinct is in good working order and that you'll be fine.

    Wishing you both a safe New Year's Eve and a wonderful new year full of loving people that you can hug. (I miss that the most).

  8. I think you should put some big googglie eyes on it and name it. Then keep it in your garden to give you a smile each time you spot it. Maybe even move it around so it can surprise you again. LOL!


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