Monday, January 4, 2021


 Recently, there was a grocery store location going out of business near my office.  Well, they were closing this location but there are others in the chain.

The sales came in waves.  Always excluded were fresh produce, meat and things like milk, eggs, cheeses. I guess those items are best moved to other store locations.  The first part was all medicines, vitamins, and items like toothpaste, soap, shampoos, deodorant etc, were 50% off.  We stocked up.  We're good for a year or so on that stuff.

Then they made some food items 25% off.  Canned and boxed foods.  I bought a few things.  Then it went to 50% off and I bought more.  We got some good deals in the pantry and stocked up on the expensive things like oils and pasta sauces and canned tomato products.

The items I was most waiting for were the Ball canning products.  Unfortunately others were waiting too.  At 75% off whatever price was already marked, this was all they had left:

I snagged two boxes of these leak-proof lids.  They only had the wide mouth size but that's ok, they were $2.00 per box.  I put one on a tall wide mouth and they are really nice.  They will make for nice ways to store homemade dressings, sauces etc in the fridge.  These of course are not canning lids just storage lids.

I was hoping to get a bunch of jars but alas, they only had these left.  They are the small quilted crystal jars, a dozen of the quarter pint size.  I think the whole box ended up being about $3.00.  25 cents a jar.  Not a bad deal and this was a size I didn't already have so I'm sure I'll find something to can with them someday.

Maybe small amounts of canned jelly or jam to use as gifts?  Any thoughts?


  1. I baked cakes in the small jars, using the oven to seal them. I did store them in the freezer once they cooled though. It was nice to be able to open a jar of cake since it was just enough for an occasional dessert. I would thaw them, then pop them in the microwave just to slightly warm them up. I liked mine plain but THeHub topped his with ice cream.

  2. Awesome!
    Jars and lids; need to get them when you can.
    I love the little 4 oz. jars. The 4 oz. Jars (Freezer Safe) - Ideal for Jams, Jellies, Mustards, Ketchup, Dipping Sauces, Flavored Vinegars, Small Portion Sizes.
    Nice little size jars to put in gift baskets.
    Being they are freezer safe I make my own homemade pizza sauce, etc. and store in the freezer. ( I just got to remember to take a jar of pizza sauce out the day before I decide to make a pizza or slightly thaw in the microwave. I make strawberry sauce and store in the freezer as well.
    Them little jars are very handy for all sorts of things.
    I was at Michaels yesterday and they had A lot of single jars sitting on their shelves so you may want to check at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and even Tractor Supply for canning jars. After all, it won't be long before jars will be stocked on the shelves again.
    Wish you lived closer as I have jars that I'm not or will be using.

  3. those plastic lids are a staple at my house. Any canned good stored in the fridge after opening like pickles gets a plastic lid.

  4. When I have a large jar of something about done, I have been known to put the last bit in a half-pint jar. Plus, they are good for leftovers. I love half-pint jars. Those were good prices.

  5. I like the teeny tiny ball jars because I glue magnets to the tops and put spices in them and attach them to the refrigerator. I love them.

    1. That was my suggestion-- I love the small jars for spices that come in plastic containers or that I've dried myself. They seem to keep the moisture out better.

  6. I use this size for jellys to give as gifts and condiments like spicy mustard, ketchup, and chili sauce. They are great for that.

  7. I use those tiny jars for canning individual servings of applesauce. For me, they're the perfect size for that. Jean

  8. I love the plastic storage lids. I'm sure you will too.

  9. I really like Ball's leak-proof lids. That was a great price! Actually, you got some excellent bargains!

  10. You got some really excellent deals. Good idea that you stocked up on those items. And the canning items at 75% off were awesome! I use those plastic lids for storing opened canned goods in the refrigerator.
    I use the smaller canning jars for jams to use for gifts. With the small size, I can give a variety of jams in one gift. They are also great for storing home-dried basil, parsley, dill, or homemade mixtures of salad dressing or dip (also good for gifts).

  11. 1st man, thought of you standing in line at the register :}
    Saying from a Rubber Stamp that I thought was rather cute & funny

    'At the store there was
    a big X by the register
    for me to stand on . . .

    I've seen too many
    RoadRunner cartoons
    to fall for that one!'

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