Tuesday, December 5, 2023


When we go out to the farm, one thing I always do is take the truck for a spin, a few miles down the road and back, just to keep everything working well.

When I walked up this time a couple weeks ago, I didn't see it at first.

Then I saw it.  A large spider.

These have a variety of names.  Banana spider.  Golden Orb spider.  Garden spider. 

The web went from the edge of the window to the mirror and down to the bottom of the door.  As fearsome as they look, they are harmless and eat lots of bugs.  Of course, harmless or not, I don't want one flying into the truck when I lower the window while I'm driving, ha.

So I took a tree branch and relocated her to another spot in the yard.

This past weekend, we had to meet someone at the property to let them look at the site for an upcoming project.  The weather was drizzly and gray but hey...

...at least the yard still looked good from last week's mowing, ha.  The green is hanging in there but definitely not growing.  It will slowly fade until it comes back with a vengeance next Spring.


  1. I stepped out the back door and ran directly into one of these webs that covered the entire back door frame. Oh, was I frightened. For two days, the spider built it back and I cleaned it off to get through going in and out. Finally, the spider only built over the edge of the door frame and over to a wall next to the door. Smart spider.

  2. Yes, good he got smart or I am afraid he would find himself deceased. :(

  3. I can see how the garden spider could have been a startling surprise. But I’m glad you just re-located it.
    I always admire your yard - the big expanse of it looks like a peaceful park.

  4. What is this project going to have a reveal? You've been hinting for awhile.

  5. When our grandsons where hunger they would feed these spiders like this by catching grasshoppers and tossing them into the spiders web.


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