Friday, February 17, 2012


Okay, I was tagged twice!  Double the love, ha...

Once by Bee Girl over at Sky Minded and Ever Growing and again by Angela over at High Desert Chronicles.  They both have such inspiring blogs.  If ever you want to read something online that makes you want to GO there where they are and live that life, they do it.  So the rules of this are that you get asked 11 questions and answer them, and then you come up with 11 questions and send it out to 11 other bloggers.  Here are my eleven answers asked by them:

1. Where is your favorite place in the world? Tell us why?
Other than our farm (even though it's not finished!), I would have to say it was to a vacation spot we went a few years ago, San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. If you've never heard of it, google it.  It's most amazing place. It's in the mountains, it's an old town with cobblestone streets and hills and awesome old world European style buildings and gorgeous flowers and plants everywhere, beautiful weather and great food.  Oh and the friendliest people we've ever met.

 ------------ ARRRRGH -----------

I spent an hour today, writing all 11 answers to my questions that Bee Girl and Angela gave to me, I saved the post to tweak them a bit later, and now I just pulled it up and they are gone.  Gone gone gone...the only one that stayed was this one, the first one, for some reason.  The answers to the others and everything else I wrote, vanished into the vapor of the Internet.

Sigh, blogger is driving me insane the last couple of days.

So anyway, I want the two of them to know that I will have to do it all over again, and I will, but later this weekend.


  1. I back my blog up 1x a month. In blogger format click on settings tab. Under blog tools click Export. This creates an .xml file (this SHOULD encompass your entire blog) and saves it as a file to your hard drive

    I lost 2 years of private blog/ online journal entries from a previous program. That sucked!

    Even blogger databases/ servers can be corrupted and lose data. It is in your best interest to back up your files just as you would your computer.

    Sorry your are having issues.But your aren't the only one. "Hating Martha" is having problems too.

  2. ok weird. Your word verification isn't enabled...

  3. Sorry you're having troubles! This is supposed to be fun, so take your time! Good luck with Blogger!

    And THANKS, Tonya! I haven't backed up my blog either!!! I never even thought of it!

  4. That is so annoying, has happened to me a few times about a week ago. Fingers crossed, it has been better since then. Mind you, I think I might write future long entries in word and then copy and paste, just to make sure.

  5. Aw, I'm sorry to hear you had that happen to you. I thought I was going to go insane last year when my computer had a virus. I would be writing some long ass blog post (I'm a little too wordy LOL) and POOF I wasn't even online anymore. I lost more posts that way until I got a MAC and it never happened to me again. You have a lot more patience than me. When I'd lose something I'd just end up saying F**k it, I'm not writing that again.

    Take your time darlin! Like Bee Girl said, its supposed to be fun. :) Oh, and I probably should have looked at all her links when she tagged me...sorry to overwhelm you.

  6. Tonya - I never thought about backing up, thanks for that suggestion. I never thought about that and it's a great idea. As for word verification, i turned it off, the new google blogger word verification is horrible and alot of people are complaining about how hard it is to use and it makes them not want to comment. I don't want to discourage people from leaving comments, because we love them, ha.

    Bee Girl and Angela - I love the 'blog love' (that sounds redundant, ha) and I appreciate it! I'm working on my answer now, will post them tomorrow. Funny about Apple Angela, I was at work and used a PC and thought it was saved, got home and found it was gone when I pulled it up. I use an Apple at home and haven't had problems either.

    Frugal - I remember when you had some issues with blogger, it's funny how that comes and goes with blogger huh? Great suggestion about using word first. I think I will start doing that! Thanks!!!


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