Friday, December 13, 2013


Cat "hide and seek" epic fail
Hobart was racing through the house one day and jumped up on this bench that had a quilt on it.  He dove underneath and then sat there for about five minutes, like no one knew he was there.  His tail twitched and swished back and forth but he hunkered down like he was hidden from the world.

Silly kitty!


LindaP said...

He can't see you so, you must not be able to see him! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Of course, he is hidden! Cats are such a joy to watch playing. My Gypsy loved a big brown paper grocery bag to hide in...and of course, his tail and butt stuck out size kittys can't fully hide dem selfs

Now, when are you going to pull my name from the hat for that composting book? That's what I wanna know. :) Time's a'wastin, spring's a'comin. don't cha know. LOL

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

lol, Hobart must be your resident catmedian!

1st Man said...

So very true.... ;-)

1st Man said...

Yeah, monster size is correct, ha.

Dang, TOTALLY forgot about the book giveaway! D'oh! Will do that this weekend for sure. Now you are anonymous here, but I hope you used your name on the giveaway! Otherwise I won't know if it's you that wins, ha.

1st Man said...

Hobart is definitely the goofy one in the family. We're constantly calling him silly kitty. ;-)