Friday, December 6, 2013


$#%@ CATS!
Oh to be a cat (in this house especially, LOL) and stay in bed all day long on a cold, wet, dreary day.  Sigh.

This is Sydney and Brisbane, curled up one morning as we left for work.  When one has pets, cats or dogs, I guess making the bed becomes an exercise in futility at some point?


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    1. Ooops, first post didn't pop up with the right words on it. Not sure what happened there, I deleted and reposted. Now it's right!

  2. My pets could be nowhere in the same vicinity, yet, the minute I begin making the bed-there they are underfoot and draping themselves across the bed. I think they have had some private meeting regarding this activity.

    Dogs: ok cat are you with us?
    Cat: Normally I would say no but I believe I shall join this endeavor.
    Dogs: What?
    Cat: It means yes you simpletons?
    Dogs: Simple-what?
    Cat: hisssss
    Cat:ok we are getting off topic. All those in favor of driving mom crazy by wrecking the bed as she tries to make it, raise your paw and say Meow
    Dogs: We'll raise our paws and WOOF
    Cat: puuurrrfect

  3. 1st Man,

    Your cats are very intelligent :-)

  4. Kitties doing what kitties do best!

    It's hard to get up and go, when you have all these snoozers lying about enjoying their naps, isn,t it?


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