Monday, February 16, 2015


So here we have our two newest additions...a large barn and a smaller shed.  They are both by the "TUFFSHED" company.  No, unfortunately we didn't get anything in exchange for mentioning them, ha.  We just figured if anyone was curious about them, so far anyway, we have no complaints.  The entire process has been very easy, very professional and the quality is top notch.

Two Tuffshed barn buildings
The large barn/workshop is 16'x24' with a 15' peak height and the smaller garden/mower shed is 10'x12' with an 11' peak height.

Interior TB-700
This is from the middle of the large barn, looking toward the front double doors.  There is a 4' deep loft running across the top, above the main doors.

Interior TB-700 with loft
This is in the same spot, only looking toward the back.  There is a large window on the back wall, a large side door, and another loft, 6' deep, running across the top.  We have room to expand the lofts to be deeper, but for now, splitting them up onto each end of the barn made the most least until we see how we end up using the space.  

Tuffshed TB-700 barn
This is looking at it from the back side.  The window and the gable end vents let in a lot of light.  We opted for the side door because our future plan is to fence in this area (chickens!) and a side door will allow access to the fenced in part of the yard.  The loft is even large enough to stand up in.  This is a very large building and in one of our remaining storage units is a workbench that my Dad built before he died (it's an amazing piece) along with his tools and some other stuff...they will turn this into a much needed workshop.


Shed with loft
This is inside the smaller shed.  We opted for a built in workbench/shelf along the back under the window so that we'd have a horizontal counter type surface to do work on.  Above the window is a 2' deep loft for storing chemicals, oil, etc, things for the garden tools.  And speaking of...  

Mower shed
The Zen Machine has a new home indoors!  Safe from the elements!  It fits in nicely, with lots of space all the way around.

Tuffshed with riding mower
We had to get ramps so we could do this.  Driving in was easy...backing out?  Well, I'll have to get back to you on that one when I do it!

Tuffshed TB-600
This is the back of the smaller shed.  We wanted to mimic the larger one and also have the natural light coming in so we have the same end vents and a bit smaller window.  Both buildings have radiant barrier roof decking and ridge vents, making them surprising cool inside.  

The smaller one will be the keeper of all the gardening tools.  Shovels, rakes, weedeater, auger, chainsaw, and their supplies, etc.  The big barn will evolve.  There is a lot of room for storing things such as boxes of holiday decor, supplies we aren't using at the moment, etc but we will figure it out as time goes by.

They were an investment of course, but definitely an investment in our future and that's really all that matters, just one more step toward making this our retirement place.


  1. Very nice...attractive and functional.

    1. Thank you, we are looking forward to watching them evolve, ha.

  2. No more Fireants on the Zen Machine! Yea!

  3. Replies
    1. That's how we look at them, an investment now, an investment in our future. thank you!

  4. I absolutely love your TWO red barns! They are just beautiful and look exactly like farm barns should look. Congrats on another major accomplishment. And now you can cross off two BIG items on your to-do list! I am so happy for y’all!

    1. TWO! I still can't believe it, ha. Thank you. It will eat up some of the money each month we have available for other stuff, but that's ok, we think it's worthwhile in the long run. Thanks!!

  5. They'll be full in no time. Enjoy while they are like that.

    1. LOL I kind of have a feeling about that, haha. Yep, will definiltey enjoy them while we can.

  6. Can I ask - how are they anchored to the ground? I thought you get some high winds down there.

    1. Absolutely! We have what they call "earth anchors". They are long rods with a spiral end that screw into the ground and then have a ring on the end and cable lock into brackets on the corners. Now we were told we most likely would never need them...the large barn is so large and so big, it weighs a LOT. The smaller one is still pretty good size and will always have the mower in it which also weighs a few hundred pounds. But earth anchors are extra peace of mind/insurance. :-)

  7. Oh me, oh my - I have (red) barn envy :)

    Congrats - they look wonderful!

    1. LOL, hey, we have cast iron stove envy of Rosie, ha!!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks!! They are a great addition. Can't wait to figure out how to best use them.

  9. Beautiful.
    Another item to mark off your list.
    You're going to get much enjoyment out of r your storage units and they will fill up fast.
    We have the same size shed. Hubby uses the larger one as his workshop and smaller one for storing mower, tiller, along with the other big boy toys; lofts in both sheds.
    In our larger shed, we split the loft by having a nice size at each end and open in the middle of the shed.
    I noticed the metal framing under your smaller shed...Nice. Don't have to worry about that rotting out.
    They are a Great and wonderful addition to your farm; the envy of your neighbors horse. :}

  10. 1st Man,

    Beautiful!!!! Um.......I don't know how to break the have enough room for several Zen machines Bahahahahaha!!!! So move over, I'm driving my Zen machine down south to your place.
    Just teasing!!! You'll be very happy with your purchases.
    Have you possibly considered building a solid ramp into your storage unit for the ZEN machine? It may make it easier to drive and back out. Plus it makes it easier to store other items in your storage unit like a wheel barrow.

  11. Lovely! You will so use these... well ya know the universe does not like empty space LOL or so they say... I am sure you will have them filled with all your farm things in no time :O)... you all will be happy and the universe will be happy :O)....

  12. The interiors are so great, those type of walls NEED to be sealed, so check if they are and what type of paint is compatable, borrow a compressor and spray paint the walls white, waaaay more light and bright for working inside.
    You will have so much fun organizing all your stuff when you get it out of storage and hey, think about the rent money you will save.
    I am sure you are just itching to get out there and make it just the way you planned....have fun .


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