Friday, February 6, 2015


Pile of bricks
We asked this question early on in the blog and now that we have more readers and followers, I thought I'd ask again.  When "Ma" owned the property prior to us, she had several piles of bricks around.  The one above was a brick fire pit of some sort that she started to make but it never really made it to fruition.  Below is a stack of bricks I found under a tree and gathered them all together.  

Bricks in a wheelbarrow
There aren't really enough to make something like a brick patio or a brick pathway and lets face it, with eleven acres, a path wouldn't go very far, LOL.  We've gotten them all into a pile (more or less), but just can't bear to dispose of them.  While most are intact, there are some broken ones too.  It sure seems like we could do something neat with them but we're not sure what.

So, does anyone have any suggested uses for old bricks?


  1. plant small succulents and you have table art

    use as plant markers by painting the name of the plant right onto the brick, even the broken ones can be used as markers. Pieces of broken clay pots are also great to use as markers.

    I use a brick that I cover with heavy duty foil and use as a weight when frying up bacon.

    Spray Paint and use as a couple of bookends

    Use to hold tea lights

    Wrap in pretty fabric or towel and use as a door stop

    Just a few ideas that I could think of right off hand

  2. Fire pit! A brick patio like this would be cool:

  3. I have several plants in pots, sitting under trees. In order not to have to move the pot, I put a rock or a pad of bricks under the pot. That way the plant does not have to be moved.

    Cannot remember what it is called, but this week I found a border keeper (not real name) it bends to keep your rocks and border of bricks in place whether straight or curved. There are six inch nails to keep the border keep up snug to the brick border.

    You could use it in the corner of the garden to place a table in the garden to hold your drink or whatever you might not want to place on the ground. Even if you can only get a 3x3' base, it will work for a tiny table.

    Use upholstery tapestry if you cover the brick. It will look more old-fashioned. People made needlepoint to cover bricks for doorstops.

  4. Use them to do raised garden beds?

  5. I suspect they would get used for a barbecue here. Or to display pot plants at varying levels...

  6. Paving under your bar-b-q grill, in front of a garden shed, or by the water faucet.
    A brick in the bottom of a pot to keep the soil from washing out. Or under a pot plant to elevate it off the ground.
    Make a circular tiered herb garden.
    Surround a fountain, birdbath, or potted plant with a decorative border of bricks.
    Paint bricks to spell out words, such as "welcome," with one letter on each brick.
    Paper weights.
    Make a toad house with several bricks.
    A trivet for hot pots and dishes on your outside table.
    Tie balloons around a brick to prevent them from floating away at an outdoor party.

    1. I have never heard of toad houses! I have toads and bricks. I am going to make one.

      Everyone's suggestions are wonderful!

  7. flower bed edging

  8. I use them to make a 'pocketed' garden. You position the bricks so they touch in a way to create holes which you fill with soil. I made a garden around a couple of old wheelbarrows. I planted herbs in the barrows and in the pockets beneath creating an edible garden.

  9. Use to put under your outdoor faucet to prevent a wet area and to have a level surface for water buckets or water bowls left for pets. Flower bed edging. I have pathways around all my gardens(I don't think you have enough bricks for that). Anchor for chicken wire fencing, make a barrier for rodents around your foundations. Paint them and use as plant markers. Place around trees to prevent weed wacker damage. I use many bricks around my house.

  10. So many ideas! I'm only left with one: build a base for a drink cart near Barnabus.

  11. I like the idea of putting them under the water spigot. Have you got gutters or rain chains on the house? You can use them under those as well. I've used them to raise large potted plants off the patio so they drain properly. I've even put them IN large pots to help fill up the space, use less soil and keep tall plants from blowing over.

  12. 1st Man,

    How about placing them under any gates on the property. This way grass won't grow under the gate making it easier to maneuver the gates.


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