Friday, February 6, 2015


Big Lou, the Sexy Cat
This is Louis...he is an occasional visitor to our back yard in town.  We feed him when he does show up.  Fortunately, we were able to capture him and had him neutered (to do the right thing), but he's still pretty feral and won't let us pet him.  It's sad because he's so pretty and kinda sexy (as cats go).  

He always has this 'cool vibe' look about him and he's a beautiful color too.  He even looks like his fur would be so soft but alas, we may never know. 

He's not an Australia name because the neighbor across the street named him.  She liked the name Louis and he gets called Big Lou most of the time. 

More later today!


  1. He does look velvety.

  2. Australia name? Is it Lou-is or Lou-ee?

  3. What a beautiful cat. So nice he has kind people like you looking out for him.

  4. He's beautiful and looks well cared for. Feral cats break my heart. They never know the love and a good scratch around the ears and under the chin from a human. My Gracie likes a big belly rub! She will just plop down right in front of you and roll on her back for one, but a lap cat she is not. I tried to make a feral cat a house cat once. Long story for another time.

  5. He is a beautiful boy. Love that you had him neutered. A few years ago a white cat moved in on us. He had been living on the streets and down the drain. Each time he came to visit we said 'the white cat is back'. When he finally moved in his name became WhiteCat. He stayed with us for six years before cancer stole him from us, and from being a cat who ate anything and everything (including the newspaper under cat food) he became disciminating - even fussy. Loved avocado - but it couldn't have any brown bits...
    We still mourn his loss, and are grateful for the years we had.

  6. He certainly is a handsome fellow. Good for you having him neutered. Maybe in time he'll let you stroke that gorgeous grey fur.

  7. Handsome fella, and thank you for seeing to his neutering.

    I love cats and they've always seemed to return the favour, but sadly have developed a severe allergy to them. =(

  8. He is a gorgeous cat. Really elegant-looking with his white tuxedo front and white socks.

  9. Gorgeous looking kitty. Too bad he won't trust anyone. Like Texas Rose, all he needs is a silk gray bow tie to go along with his tuxedo look. Have a great working & leisure weekend. M


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