Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Here is something we're trying out and we'll see how it goes.  
We're going to grow a couple of pineapples at the farm.  

Slice off the top as you normally would in preparation for peeling the rest and eating (love fresh pineapple!).  

Take the stem in one hand, hold the edge of the fruit portion and twist in opposite directions.  The entire stem should pop out as you twist it.  Start peeling off some of the leaves around the base...

...until it's all nice and cleaned off.  I sliced a bit more of the stem end just to have a flat surface.  You'll see some little spots on there, those are where the roots will come out...

Put it in a glass of water.  If the glass is small enough, the remaining leaves will help to hold it upright in the water.  Then just let it root (missed that photo) for a couple of weeks (it takes a bit).  Be sure and change the water every couple of days.  Little white roots will shoot out from the sides, they are thicker than you might imagine small, fine roots would be.  

Once it looks like there are enough roots, it's time to plant.  

Growing pineapple
I used some potting soil from a bag that we had left over, a couple of clay pots and planted the now rooted stems.  This is about two weeks after planting and new growth is already coming out at the top.  Yay!

Now from what I've read, it can take up to two years for the them to produce an actual fruit so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.  Hey, if nothing else, it's fun growing a "new" plant.

Anyone done this?


  1. No, I had no idea. Those golden pineapples from Sam's are the bomb. Will you take them inside in winter? I think there are many plants we can start. I just don't know what all of them are.

  2. I have a few plants form Aldi 99 cent pineapples. So far no pineapples but the plants are really pretty. I am going to try planting some ginger next. Fingers crossed!

  3. 1st Man,

    It's neat, I love doing this.

  4. Hi! One of our Master Gardener trainees grows pineapples. She lives in Northwest of Houston. I'll get some pics.

  5. Someone on a blog said her mother had about two dozen pineapple in various stages of growth since she had planted every pineapple for several years and had harvest two and replanted their tops. Perpetual pineapples seems like a great thing.

    I have planted other bits of product and had great success.

  6. Would be so cool if it produces pineapples.
    Can do the same with avocados

    1. It does take 2-3 years to get fruit from a pineapple plant

  7. You constantly surprise me with your adventuresome life. This is very cool.

  8. I can't wait to see what you get! Or how long it takes. I put garden charcoal in my water when rooting anything, keeps the water fresh so you don't have to do changes.

  9. Oh my gosh 1st, I have been away from blogs for a while & just now getting caught up. I am sorry to hear about 2nd's accident but so very glad that he is ok! Getting a call like that can make you feel ill. I swear people don't pay attention to driving anymore. Or, they think they are the only people on the road & you should just adhere to them. Rant over, just glad 2nd is fine.

  10. Isn't that interesting. I must try this. Not sure it will work as well as it would have in Texas, but we'll see. Just getting used to the much colder climate up here since we retired and moved nearly to Canada!

  11. Yes I have done this. I did not go through all the trimming, just cut the top off, kept it in water until roots established, then planted it and kept it watered. The second year it produced a small fruit about the size of a 12 inch baseball.

  12. I accidentally had a pineapple root in my compost area. It was growing so well - until I forgot to cover it during a freeze. Your idea for growing in the pots should work out very well.


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