Saturday, February 11, 2017


Have to get soil for the fruit tree raised beds...

...and start filling them.  We're doing bagged varieties, soils and composts, etc so that we can control what's in there and create the "blend" that we want (more on that in Monday).  It might require a bit more work and expense up front, but we'll have the trees off to the best start they could have.

The weather today is gray and overcast, and it's lows in the 70's, highs into the 80's.  It's February, right?  It's "Winter"?  Yeah, OK, sure...


  1. Windy here but no matter the forecast; live like it's Spring.
    You have your work cut out for you today. My back is aching already.
    I hear ya about mixing up your own soil ingredients. I do the same. I even mix in crushed egg shells as well. I save ALL my eggs shells; wash really well; actually boil them in hot water, let dry and once completely dry I run them through the blender or food processor and store in coffee cans. When it comes to planting I just toss in a handful and throw into the hole I just dug along with some bone or blood meal; water in before placing my tree, bush, plant, flowers, etc.
    Rain moving in first of week so hopefully you will receive showers down your way to help along them newly planted trees.
    Have a great day.
    Wonder what 2nd man will be cooking up for you today.You'll be looking forward to a great meal I'm sure once your finished.

    1. "Live like it's Spring..." love that. Oh yes, back sore but not too bad. I think of it as a gym workout (which I don't normally do, ha). Thank you so much and I will start saving the eggshells. Thanks!!

  2. Replies
    1. Some things never change when we "grow up" do they? HA!!!

  3. Hope you had a good and productive day at the Farm today. It sure was windy!

    1. It was SO windy. And then Sunday beautiful and tomorrow (Tuesday) watch out!


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