Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Well, here we are. The night that the veil between the worlds is thin and all sorts of things can come and go between...   

...oh and there's candy.  Lots of candy! 
Buckets of candy!

We do enjoy candy and this is perhaps the only time of year we eat it.  A random candy bar here and there throughout the rest of the year but for the most part we consume most of the candy we eat during this time of the year.

So that got us to thinking, what candy do YOU like?  We always like to ask...

Have you seen this?  It's a map (click to enlarge) showing the 2016 most popular candy state by state.  Here in Texas it's....CANDY CORN?  Um, OK I do like a few of them occasionally, only at this time of year.  But to choose that over say, a snickers?  No.  Oh and 2nd Man and most of my coworkers hate candy corn.   

So tell us, what do you like?  
Is there something unusual in your region you enjoy?  Chocolate or hard candy?  
Sweet or sour?


  1. They list candy corn for Oregon, too.(blech) Just give me chocolate anything..but no peanuts.

  2. Happy Halloween you two! :)))))
    We eat sweets pretty regularly here, but today I filled the witch's cauldron with Toblerones, Kit Kats, and Lindt chocolates...mmmmmmm....slightly gourmet! :) Hope you have a nice spooky night! :) Keep an eye on that trail cam...you might see something particularly scary tonight!!! ;)

  3. Here is the 2017 for most popular candy in each state. I looked at 3 different sites and each one was different on states favorite candy.

    We really don't buy candy for Halloween as we have no trick or treaters here in the country where I love but I do buy candy that I can use in my baking. Actually, I normally wait till after Halloween to buy my candy for any baking that I may do cause after Halloween the stores mark down their candy so I stock up then.

  4. No candy corn or Three Musketeers, other than that, if it's candy, I'll probably put it in my mouth. Unless, it is a peppermint, well, maybe I could think of a few more. I am a candy addict. I don't know how you could resist until Halloween. I do know, next year, I'm not buying halloween candy till the day of.

  5. Alabama prefers Airheads? I don't think so. I like chocolate anything, mostly.

  6. swedish fish for PA - yeah, I like those.

    my top 3 candy bars are cadbury caramello, milky way dark, twix.

  7. Candy corn is the favorite in Texas?! - yuck-ee! I’m with 2nd Man - that stuff is awful!
    Most of the time, I try to not eat candy. But if I could eat whatever candy I wanted - butterfingers, almond joy, and snickers. My very favorite is an Australian candy bar that is not available in the U.S. - Cherry Ripe - it is sooo delicious.
    Happy Halloween!

  8. Milky Way in Ohio?
    Not this Ohioan!
    Snickers all the way!
    Go Astros!

  9. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...and Werther's Soft Caramels. Loved to get caramel apples, popcorn balls and M&M cookies back in the "olden days."

  10. My very favourite since I was a kid and still to this day are smarties made by Nestle. Not available in the States but they are similar to M&M's but way better-no nuts!!! I'm originally from UK and lucky to have a son that works for an airline. When he is in London he always stocks up with my favourite-Bournville, dark chocolate, made by Cadbury's!

  11. M&M Peanuts. They are addictive!

  12. York peppermint patty. I was in NH for Halloween again this year. Fewer kids this year because power went out in whole area at 6:45 so most called it quits early. Lots of candy left over so son in law was going to donate to some serviceman/woman organization.

  13. Reeses anything is my favorite,oh and Dove chocolates and peanut M&Ms (peanuts are healthy) and dark chocolate.....ok any chocolate as long as fruit is NOT involved. Happy All Saints Day!


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