Friday, June 8, 2018


2nd Man and I always tried to catch the newest episodes of his show...and more often than not, we'd end up watching an old episode for the umpteenth time if it was on, hanging on every word from that great voice and every delicious looking bite of food like it was the first time we had ever seen it.

When we all sit down at the table, no matter what country we are in, what political party we belong to, what religion we practice, or not, rich, poor, white, black, straight, matter what our differences, we can all enjoy the common bond of food. 

Indeed food can bring the world together...

Peace Anthony...


  1. Concur with everything you said.
    We look at someone and think he/she is on top of the world and has everything going their way, but we assume because there are no monsters under our beds that everyone's is free of them.

  2. I am so sad about his death, but your post made it just a tad better.

  3. So sad when someone can't reach out for the help they need. I never heard of him or saw his show, but sad none the less.

  4. His voice is irreplaceable.
    May he RIP

  5. What a lovely and touching post. I only started following his shows after moving to France as our tv viewing is so limited. What a delight it's been enjoying his unique approach to presenting. My favourite was 'No Reservations' especially the Mexico trip. I'll miss him <3

  6. I loved him. I followed his career for so long. But, I can remember the funny things, like the time in the Mediterranean he couldn't walk out into the reef so he had to put on someones jelly sandals. It was so funny. And in India when a man told him he wasn't much in the sex department. Those sideways glances he gave. He was so funny and had a wonderful ride. I hope he is finally happy and at peace.

  7. This is so sad. I loved his shows - I learned not only about the food but the culture and the people.
    You wrote a beautiful tribute post to an amazing person.

  8. Two deaths of stars this week not good. That type of death with people in general sad too. Kate Spade had lovely purse designs and she died. Rest in peace and God help us all! Thanks for sharing your kind thoughts!

  9. We loved Anthony, it is heartbreaking news. I'm getting the feeling from places I've read comments and news stories and Twitter, he was beloved much more than maybe he knew. I wished it had been enough to get him through this. Rest in peace Mr. Bourdain, your voice will be missed.

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