Saturday, June 16, 2018


Off to the farm today but with an eye on the sky and the weather...

...there is a tropical disturbance heading our way.  They say it won't became a storm or even a depression but it is going to be a means to funnel a lot of Gulf moisture into our region in the form of heavy rains.  

The good news is it's spread over a few days.
The bad news it might be upwards of 6 inches.

It's supposed to start later today and then rain ALL day tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday.

2nd Man can't go out today, he is at work as there is a project they are in the middle of and need to get some more work done in case the weather keeps people home early in the week.

Probably won't have to mow but will need to check things, harvest some veggies, taking a few things out there and of course batten down the hatches just in case the weather takes a turn at the end.

More updates later, hope your weekend is off to a good start. 


  1. We need rain sooo bad. Hoping we get a good amount but not too much. Have fun at the Farm today!

  2. We are to receive our rain late sometime tomorrow.
    Getting severe cracks in the yard so we really could use a couple of nice...…..gentle showers. (take note: I said gentle showers)
    At least with the rain, it should cool the temperatures somewhat and then will turn hot and muggy / humid later in the week.
    We just mowed so won't have to mow this weekend; Thank goodness.
    In the morning early will be delivering the picnic table to our daughter and love-in-law. Getting it delivered before the rain moves in later in the day.
    Have a great day @ the farm and I bet you will have a nice basket full of veggies, etc. once again. Once they start producing; seems like it's nonstop.
    Keep cool and enjoy your evening.

  3. Rain. Feast or famine for gardeners. We got two inches last weekend but sure good use more. Hope yours is not overwhelming


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