Saturday, June 2, 2018


No farm today.  

We have two events to attend.

First up, 2nd Man's nephew turns 21.
Ah we all remember those days don't we?  HA!

He's having a party at a local restaurant/brewery this afternoon so it should be a fun time.  

Then in the evening...'s time for the last home game of the season for Houston's rugby team AND it's a night game. It starts at 8pm and should be over by 10:30pm or so.

It'll be fun to watch a game under the lights and at least we won't be fending off the searing temps (close to 100 today).

Tomorrow will be farm day. "J" says it hasn't rained out there all week and the grass has barely grown so I probably won't have to mow.  The big thing will be to check on the garden and fruit trees and of course, the garlic that is drying the barn. 

Hope your weekend is everything you want it to be.


  1. FYI, Blogger/Google is having issues with comments. I'm not getting notified so I have been missing some comments. One solution is for me to post my own comment and then "notify me" and hopefully it will notify me so we can get to your comments. They are there, we're just not being notified to go read them. So anyway, keep leaving them and then we'll manually go in and reply to them all.

    1. Where does blogger notify you about the comments?

    2. via email. On the settings page, under emails, you can put the email where to send you notifications of comments. Hope that helps!!

  2. Happy 21st. Birthday to the nephew. Party @ the restaurant/brewery will be loads of fun I'm sure. Hopefully no one will be wearing a lamp shade by tie the party is over.
    Have a fun and great evening and hope your Sabercats win.
    Stay cool

    1. Thanks, we're about to head out. Lampshades optional! ;-)

  3. When it finally quits raining here, I won't have to pay to have the yard mowed so often. I hope your fruit does not fall while you are away.

    1. I know! Fingers crossed. We'll just learn as we go. Usually without rain during the week I can mow every other week. We'll see when I get out there tomorrow.

  4. Hope 2nd Man's nephew had a wonderful 21st and that a good time was had by all.
    With this awful heat, it was great that the Sabercats had a night game.
    Hope you have a good day at the Farm today!


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