Friday, June 15, 2018


Stopped at the feed store the other day to get some fertilizer for the fruit trees and we noticed that it was that time of year...

They had two large galvanized tanks full of baby chicks running all around!

Is it wrong that for a brief moment, I wanted to just get in there with them and lay down while they crawled all over me?  Ha!

They are so adorable, that's for sure.  


  1. Awww, so, so cute! And the cute little peeps and chirps they make - just makes your heart melt.
    I love it when our ag stores get in their baby chicks. And then when they get in the baby ducks also - double Awww!
    When you get to the Farm full-time, you’ll be able to bring some of these cuties home to cuddle and raise.

  2. Aren't they the cutest things
    Tractor Supply had them in a few weeks ago, along with baby ducklings but have since sold all out of the chicks and the ducklings. They do sell out fast here.
    I know what you mean by wanting to get right in with them babies. The temptation sure is there.

  3. My daughter got some earlier this spring. They are getting big fast. She has posted photos on her blog if you want to take a look. Scroll down her page to see them now and an earlier post shows them as tiny. She got 6 - each a different variety. She said she wanted chicks instead of pullets this time so that the chickens would be tamer. The granddaughters love holding them.

  4. I always want to get in with the chicks, too! They are so sweet and cuddly. Get them tiny so they will actually like you instead of recognizing you only as the giver of food. They will want your company even if you don't have food in your

  5. My son used to have a friend whose mom kept chickens. When the chicks arrived, the kids lay on the floor so the chicks could check them out and climb on them.


  6. Alright, tell the truth, how many did you take home with you! :-)

  7. I got chicks the beginning of March. My foster sons fell in love with them. ( I was going to get three came home with 6)

  8. Just found your blog today! I work in the madness of NYC and live in the suburbs of New Jersey but in my heart, I'm a country girl so reading all about your lives in the country is heavenly! Looking forward to catching up on all your posts! And btw, I would love to get into that tanks with those baby chicks too! lol :-)


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