Monday, July 16, 2018


In a way we're kinda glad we weren't at the farm to see this thing coming through the yard!

It certainly is quite surreal, driving through the front yard of the farm.
(click play on the video below)

By the way, ignore the date on here.  I changed the batteries on the trailcam and forgot to reset the date/time.  It obviously wasn't 91 degrees back in January, ha.  This was last week.  

The electric co-op for our area comes every couple of years and trims everything and anything that is near the power lines.  

The whole "utility easement" rule and all...

They went along the fence line on the West side of the property and then all the way to the back corner.  It's actually nice because they cleared a spot that I had been meaning to get to.  Now I just have to keep it mowed.  

They also did a wide swath all along the front by the road.  You can see in this picture how we need a fence.  There is, sort of, the remnants of an old fence but it offers no security at all.  We need to have it removed (it's old barbed wire) and then have a nice new fence put in. 

Here it is from driveway looking all along the front of the property.  Yep, that whole length is ours all the way to the furthest point in the picture, just past that third power pole.

I'm going to have to try and keep it mowed just so that the new fence will be easier to set up.  In this heat though, it isn't easy to work up the energy to do extra work, ha. 

By the way, a few of you have asked, there is a blog post about them when we got them, but here is the link, these are the trail cams that we are using:

We bought them last year on Amazon Prime Day, where they were pretty much buy one/get one. Today is actually Amazon Prime Day.  We have no idea if they will be on sale this year again but there may be others if you are so inclined to look.  We love having the cams up and may grab a couple more today if they (or others) go on sale.

Happy Monday!


  1. Do you have to have permission from the power company to put in a fence in front? Since they clear it annuallly I'd hate to see you spend the bucks for a nice new fence and then they tell you you can't haae it where they clear!! Good luck!!! It's reallyl lookin good around there ... a lot of work I know, but it's really lookin good!!

  2. I can't imagine the cost of fencing for that much frontage. Yikes! Yes I can actually imagine it!
    Our yard is on a power easement and they never actually come into our yard but do cut stuff right at the fence line, but never anything on the ground, just the stuff creeping near their wires.

  3. Power companies drive me nuts with the insane way the "trim" trees. At least you got a free useful trim out of the deal!

  4. Looks like you have A lot of work cut out for you in the future. (early Spring or Fall project) Putting up a fence is no easy tasks even if you will be using T-posts and cattle fencing. A Lot of hard work and sweat involved but keeping it mowed and all trimmed up sure would look nice along there.
    You might think about renting a Towable Hydraulic Auger or a 1 man auger to dig all them holes for the fence posts. Would make the job much easier and faster.

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