Sunday, November 11, 2018


It's been a cold and damp weekend.  As I posted yesterday, I went to the farm solo.

First up, of course we need to thank all our Veterans and their families (let's not forget the families) for their sacrifice in service to our country.

It never got above the 40's.  When I got there it was 44, the highest it got was 48 when I left.  Even inside the house it was 50's.

It was like this all day.  Cloudy, sprinkling rain, windy, standing water.  It was not a good day to get a lot done but I did at least manage to get to a couple of projects.  More on that this week.  I didn't have to mow so that was good.  I could have edged but there was some standing water and that makes a mess.

Here is the garden, growing nicely.  These are the Chinese cabbages, they are looking really good.

And these are the collard greens.  Getting really big with a lot of new growth.  Should be harvesting our first in a few more weeks.

There is some color!  This was a lantana that I've basically ignored because it's in a flower bed I was thinking of redoing.  I might have to just work around it.  Nature found a way, ha. 

On the way out, I stopped at a store to pick up some supplies and found these.  They are wooden tags designed to hang on the wall or cabinet pull or even a doorknob.  Not sure where we will put them but they were cute and I couldn't resist a sale. 


  1. Without our Veterans we wouldn't have the freedom that we have today; so BIG Thank You goes out to past and present Veterans who serve this great country of our.
    Cloudy here all day as well and just had a very few sprinkles here and there but nothing that amounts to anything but there is 100 % chance for us this evening.

    Your greens look wonderful and growing nicely.

    Your lantana is so pretty and it can be trimmed back so that it doesn't spread and take over your flower bed.

    Love them Farm Tags. You just need to put up a small country Christmas tree and hang them tags along with other country ornaments and hang on your tree. Tractor Supply has some wonderful farm / country ornaments. Temptation was there but didn't buy any, but did get 2 large bags of bird seed. The birds get hungry when it turns cold, but then again they are Always hungry. :}
    Enjoy your evening and stay warm.

    1. I like the idea of a country Christmas tree, thanks! Yes, they had a lot of cool stuff. These were on sale and they were a great price. I will trim the lantana. Though if it wanted to take over the bed, I could be persuaded, ha. Yep it's cold and yucky here.

    2. And yes, veterans are a vital and important part of our Nation's history and future. So always a big shoutout to all of them who have served, are serving or will serve. THANK YOU all.

  2. I love collards and should have planted them but wedding stuff and Mom took precedent over gardening this fall. There is always early spring though!

    1. well it's not like you have tons of free time. I know you have been crazy busy. You do have early Spring. We love collards and they really seem to grow so well for us. After all, the garden at this point is to see what does well for us so in the future we can have almost no hassle gardening. So far for cold/Fall we know collards do great and this particular cabbage does well.

  3. Our heartfelt gratitude to all the veterans everywhere. That was such a moving commeneration in France today for the 100 years since the end of WW I.
    Your garden looks beautiful. Collards for supper pretty soon.
    Life finds a way - love how your lantana is off on its own growing and thriving!
    I love those tags - especially “grow your food, feed your soul - how true!

    1. Amen!! Watched the French commemoration it was very moving and for those world leaders that attended in the rain, it was even more moving. Collards are yummy aren't they? Coming soon I suppose! That lantana I have not watered or trimmed or as you can see, even really cleared out around it. It's just growing. I don't have the heart to pull it up. It might freeze but we'll see.

      I think the phrases on the tags were what caught my eye.

      Stay warm!!

  4. Love the signs, so cute. Do your greens not get eaten if left unprotected.

    1. Thanks! So far we've been lucky, not eaten, but I better knock on wood ha.


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