Thursday, July 11, 2019


Every Thursday we like to post a picture of something we've found online that inspires us to do something similar at the farm. Sort of our own blog bulletin board so that we can eventually look back and someday, hopefully anyway, recreate it...enjoy!

A couple of weekends ago, there were birds all over the farm while we were there, including some that we had never seen before.  We realized then that there were some fun observations to be had in our future and I told 2nd Man we should put up some bird feeders.  Then he reminded me that our trees are far from the house and not in an easily visible spot from just sitting on the front porch.  I was looking online for ideas and saw this.  

This is a professional one piece set up but it would be pretty simple to accomplish...a post set in the ground with some quickcrete, some hooks around the top and some bird feeders.  And as a bonus...FLOWERS, around the base ha!

Be inspired!


  1. Speaking of experience on this end; Never, ever set up a bird feeder in or around a flower bed.
    Using a 4x4 post set up would be great having hooks to hang bird feeders but instead of putting the post in concrete; use a post ground stake;
    That way if you ever decide you want to move the post to another location you can do so. Some birds are ground feeders so you may also want to think about a ground feeder as well and also might want to think about putting up a deer feeder out in among the trees somewhere in keeping them away from the bird feeders.
    Be prepared; birds do eat a lot; not at one setting but they do keep coming back to the feeders to eat several times during the day. If you use suet feeders use only in the cold winter months.

  2. I think I might need to steal this idea too! We have removed most of the trees near the house because they were not cared for properly by the previous owners and posed a serious risk to the house in the event of storms. This would give me the bird feeders I want without adding more trees!!! Thanks for the find!

  3. Cool idea. I love the idea of "planting" the post amid a few flowers.

  4. I have many birds visit my backyard, most like a tree or large shrub nearby where they can rest and check out any danger before visiting the feeder or birdbath/drinking water.
    In the hot Summer the tree is like the holding pattern at LAX !.....birds of all sizes on various branches waiting their turn to drink and have a splash in the big glazed ceramic water pot,nearly 3 feet deep so it keeps cool and is ok if I go away for a week or 2.

  5. I saw something similar years ago and always wanted to build something like that! Very nice!

  6. That is such a pretty bird feeding station. Just make sure it is high enough. My cats are indoor cats but there are always neighborhood cats and stray cats that love to lie in wait for the birds.

  7. That's pretty, but it will be a challenge to keep that weeded underneath from all the seed they drop. And I agree with other posters regarding so many suggestions!

    Unless you have a water supply nearby, adding a birdbath will bring more birds.

    Protecting the birds from cats, and the seed from deer, raccoons, and (the bane of my existence!) squirrels can become a frustrating full-time job. So you'd be best to set up feeding stations for them too. You DO have a healthy retirement income to cover this, right? ::wink::

    Years ago, my aunt had a REALLY cool window box feeder which looked like an aquarium laid on it's side, closed in the window open end out, the "box" protruding INTO the house. It was slightly one-way mirrored on the bird's side so they weren't scared off by movement inside the house. It was AMAZING! I just did a quick search to see if I could find it but couldn't, but I did find this kinda neat one.

    And here's a cool one with a farm theme:
    In case that link doesnt work, it's a large wooden wheel mounted horizontally at vthe top of a post with various style feeders hanging all around the wheel rim.


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