Wednesday, February 5, 2020


A couple of weekends ago, we went to the farm to take some boxes and when we pulled up in front of the house, we saw this...

I opened the car door and said "what is THAT?"  2nd Man said "I have no idea".  You see it there on top of the shed?  I only had my phone camera so I slowly walked toward it to not scare it off.  I got about halfway there and used the zoom.


A turkey vulture had decided that the top of the shed was a great place to hang out and rest.  At one point it stretched out its wings and wow it was quite the sight to see.  I wish I had gotten a picture then but it flew off right after that.  

We have a rooster weather vane for the barn but haven't put it up yet.  This was like having one that actually moved, ha.  


  1. Quite the site. So, what direction was your so called weather vane facing? :}
    At least this weather didn't leave a naughty white mess down the front of your shed.

    Nasty weather; right now it's 35 deg. and will get down to 28 deg. for tonight.

    1. should say; at least this weather vane)

    2. Facing North. maybe a harbinger of the cold, ha. No freeze for us, thankfully. And 70's this weekend, ha. Stay warm!!!

  2. May have been a young one getting used to flying,and your shed was a handy stop.. They like to rest on my roof too :)

  3. A vulture weather vane! Start a new trend! Great picture of him.
    He may have been surveying the area looking for his next meal.

  4. They are everywhere at my parents lake house! So huge in person! LOL

  5. we have those birdies here also. they are majestic. I love to watch them.

  6. That's a rather daunting sight. I hope you don't get a whole clan of them who take up residence on your farm.


  7. Oh no! That's a very negative sign of bad luck!!! If a vulture lands on your barn it means that sometime over the next year.... no just kidding, they're really handy at cleaning up smelly road kill, I like them, very cool bird.


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