Thursday, February 6, 2020


Can animal be an inspiration?  I suppose they can be.  Recently we were watching a TV show on farms and gardening and the people owned a few of these little darlings.  We were immediately smitten...

Nigerian Dwarf Goats, image via wikicommons
This is a picture I found online of what breed they had.  They are called Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Of course I had to immediately "Google" them to see what they were all about.  The link underlined above takes you to the Wiki entry about them.  Apparently they are quite popular according to their National Association  They produce milk as well, as much as two quarts per day...though we imagine that milking them must be somewhat different than milking a regular size goat.

Perhaps someday, when we are ready at the farm of course and are there full time, we could have these...Do they have to be in a dwarf barn, grazing in a dwarf pasture?  LOL!  

ADORABLE is all we can say.
Be inspired!


  1. Goats are an ecological disaster - they eat everything, climbing up trees to eat and destroy leaves and buds, for example. Further, their untreated milk often carries undulant fever (Brucellosis). So - NO! Roderick

  2. Have seen these kind of goats in person and they are adorable.
    Yes, if goats aren't properly pinned up they do get out and will eat and anything and everything. They will even jump a fence if you don't have the proper fencing area for them. Once they know they can get out of their fenced in area they will continue to do so unless a proper fencing is installed. The family that I know that raises these small goats installed an electric fence right along the line of their fenced in area so they are secured and have never gotten out unless someone leaves the gate open.

  3. Goats are very smart unlike sheep, so you have to be really on your toes. I knew people with those kind and they are cute. You have to protect them especially the tiny babies, everything will want to eat them.

  4. And, we could all come over and play with the kids!

    They are too destructive. They are escape artists. They butt. So, no thanks.

    They really are cute, though!

  5. I would like to have goats come and stay for about a week at the lake place. It needs a landscape renovation anyway!

  6. Right up the road from me there is a small farmers market, and they have some of these goats, and sheep which I will stop to eat periodically when I stop for items... when their really young it so cute to watch them leap and jump about.

  7. Adorable! I love my goats. I can confirm what you said about Nigerian Dwarfs being a little harder to milk. Some of them are quite short and some have very small udders. That's why I went with Kinders. They are a little larger than NDs but smaller than standard breeds, easier to milk, and produce very well. They have wonderful personalities! All goats need good fencing though.

  8. The goats are so cute. I've always like to look at goats, but I know nothing about caring for them. Carol and I went to a ritzy neighborhood to browse in the shops (we couldn't afford anything but it was fun to look). We saw so many dogs out with their moms or dads. We were inspired by the fact that it was such a dog friendly neighborhood.


  9. The dwarf goats are sooo cute! And someday you could have goat milk, goat milk cheese, goat milk butter, goat milk yogurt, and goat milk soap.


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