Monday, February 17, 2020


Recently, I posted about our "freeze protection" solution for the citrus.  After looking at the pictures and thinking about it, we think we might be able to use that base infrastructure idea to create some deer proofing for our fruit trees later this Spring.

This is sort of what we had in mind.  Getting some more garden stakes, taller of course, and then using them as the underlying support to wrap something around them.  Either deer netting of some sort or we've read that just line/twine of some sort spaced around the poles can deter deer as they try to poke around looking for something to eat.

We tried some home type remedies.  One was soap in bags hanging from branches, they just ate the fruit around them.  We also hung CD's in branches to deter deer and birds.  That didn't work either.  

Just seems like netting or something similar is going to have to be the best solution.  We're starting to think now because in two or three months we'll (hopefully) start having fruit forming and we'll need to be ready with a plan.  We realize we probably won't win all the battles but we'd like to ultimately win the war, ha.

Any other ideas?


  1. The main thing is keeping the deer away from the end of the branches keeping them from eating the leaves as well as the fruit and also keeping them from rubbing up against the tree trunks. The deer will stand on their hind legs and reach over so make sure your fence is high enough and yet something to where they can't mount their front legs on. In placing your stakes; put them in at an angle instead of straight up and down and use deer netting.
    One bad thing about any sort of fencing; deer can get caught up in it and be severely injured or end up dying. (used Irish Spring soap) (Texas guy)

    To be perfectly honest; I don't think there is actually a true method on deterring deer unless you have at least a 20 foot tall fence as they are great jumpers.
    Best of luck.

  2. I had a lot of trouble about four years ago. The fence around the garden is 4.5 feet high chicken wire and that kept them out until I planted Swiss chard. I didn't know it but that's like a Puerto them. After that the only thing that keeps them out is I raised the fence with turkey wire to almost six feet. It's a lot cheaper than most other fences and strong. The trick is to not let them start eating because it's hard to stop them when they want something. They will stand on their back legs and try to crush the fence down if they can't jump it. Also never plant Swiss chard lol!!!

  3. Not sure why but auto correct change "drug to them" into "Puerto them", maybe auto correct is racist!

  4. Hot wire about a foot from the first leaves. Maybe solar powered. Netting for the birds

  5. Double fencing seems to be the only way to keep deer out.

    1. How about having a double fence for an area where all the goodies are planted? You will double fence a large area and just keep the planted food in there.

  6. Hoping your method works well. I never had deer problems when I lived in the country. Maybe because I had packs of coyotes every night. I had to have a 6 foot chain link fence to protect my dogs from them.

  7. Deer are very persistent and when they decide they like the menu you are providing, good luck stopping them. Especially as you're not there all the time. Keep trying different things. Maybe a motion detector that triggers sound and a sprinkler.

  8. Check out the "scarecrow sprinkler". You plant it in the ground, pointing at your tree and attach a hose. The motion detector sees the action and turns on noisily, squirting in random directions. It's worked here in Northern Indiana, but you do have to move the location and replant it now and then. The good thing is that it also provides a random watering also.

  9. We put 8 foot unclimbable horse fence around our garden area. It worked for 20 years.

  10. Run an electric wire around each cage, string them all together so they're all "live", and then keep it hot. Works for our beef hay storage.


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