Wednesday, February 12, 2020


And lastly, some of you probably remember when we would post videos and pictures from one of our trail cams we had set up.  Well one died completely and the other is just working sporadically.  They are rated for outdoor use of course but I guess after a couple of years in our extreme weather they just stopped working completely.

So we had to order a new one.  Since we weren't sure this time around, we just ordered one.  It's basically the newer version of the ones we had.  

I put it up on a post on the porch.

I guess the settings are more sensitive that the last ones or have more options because in a whole week, this is all we captured.  There was a video captured as well and this was two deer that ran through the front yard (in the video you see a second one).  

There were other pictures captured but there was nothing living on the image.  Just still photos of the front yard but no animals or birds or even a Bigfoot.   Something triggered it to take a photo but nothing there.  Probably wind or leaves or something.

So this past weekend I adjusted the sensitivity and repositioned it and we'll see what we capture this week.  We would rather have some of the daytime photos because you can make out much more detail. Unless the night photo is a bobcat or coyote or something like that, then that's OK too.  

The deer still being around reminds us that we have to start thinking ahead to fruit bearing season and how we will prevent them from eating all the fruit.


  1. We have the deer wandering through our front garden. They have stripped some of our young trees. I will wait to replace then and get iron bars in the ground and chicken wire. We also have some damage where they are standing front legs up on some of the older trees to strip them. or as our neighbour told us they saw the deer scratching themselves on the young trees and snapped them. (she can see them from her house, she has insomnia and the light flashes on with movement)

  2. I always wanted one at the lake place but I am reasonably sure all we would see are deer, squirrels and an occasional fox

  3. I want one as well! My neighbor had one and a bear tried to eat it!

  4. I have been very satisfied with the Browning Trail cams and have quite a few of them, however the newer ones are not as good as the old ones. Moultrie is another fairly good one, as is Bushnell and StealthCam. There can be compatibility problems with the memory cards sometimes. I think that you pretty much get what you pay for...

  5. Hoping you get some great nature pictures with your new camera.


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