Monday, February 3, 2020


Well, as you may have heard on the news or saw on yesterday's post, it was Groundhog Day.

And he did not see his shadow so Spring is coming soon.  Or so the legend goes.

Down here in these parts, we believe it.  I had my first time on the Zen Machine (my riding lawn mower for those new to the blog).  There were parts of the yard that were not too bad and other parts that had lots of growth.

When I finished though it looks so nice and things are getting greener quickly.

You know I love a freshly mowed yard!

I checked with the mowing app and went back through the blog and this is THE EARLIEST I've ever had to mow.  Normal time has always been anywhere from March 8th to the 16th.  I could have actually mowed last weekend were it not for the rain.

So that means I'm mowing at the END OF JANUARY.  What the heck?  It was a gloriously beautiful day so that was nice.

As you can see above, I did not edge but that's on the schedule for the upcoming weekend.

I did however test out the brush/grass for something I haven't been able to do the last few Winters and that is mow into areas that I can't normally mow.

Above is an example of what I like to do.  I take advantage of the brush that is dormant/dead because of the freezes/cold weather and mow over it with the mower to create new paths, widen existing areas and get under trees.  The mower has the largest mowing deck available and has an extra blade in it.  What I do is start clearing new areas now that are too difficult in the Spring/Summer because they are thick with brush.  It is SO easy now.  

We know what you are thinking, this must dull the blades.  It does...BUT I have a plan.  It's time for the mower to go in for its annual maintenance package.  They change the oil, filters, lube everything up and sharpen the blades.  

The plan is to do some major clearing this weekend now that it's mowed and then leave the mower out for the free pickup from the John Deere dealer.

Hope your weekend was great!


  1. My husband, David mowed the lawn yesterday morning and the crows and smaller birds are feasting on the bugs. It smells wonderful outside. If the color green had a smell it would be freshly mowed grass. I hope you recovered the trees again. The temperatures will be falling near freezing on Wednesday and Thursday after the front comes through.

  2. WOW! You have me so hopeful for Spring with this post! Yay for early mowing!!!

  3. i am so bummed that it feels like spring on feb 3rd and that we have had no winter.

  4. Well I'm plowing... but not fields..snow!

  5. Looks Wonderful. In that 3ed photo; if you where to put on some white lines, you have a nice football / soccer field. :}
    Hubby was going to mow ours as well but then a situation came up so wasn't able to get it mowed. Maybe come this weekend it can get done........hopefully anyway. Like the smell of fresh cut grass.
    Expecting much colder temperature along with winter mixture of rain, sleet & possible a little snow. :{ Much rather have a paint brush in hand but no painting or staining anything with that kind of weather.
    Have an enjoyable evening

  6. Beautiful freshly mowed lawn! Your paths are looking great with the mowing and widening you’re doing.
    I have really been enjoying this gorgeous sunny and warm weather we’ve been having – wow, Spring in January!

  7. I had daffodils bloom in January. Daddy mowed paths and under our pecan trees down in the woods. I suppose he did it in winter, but he pushed a mower. If Spring comes six weeks early, that will be this Wednesday. We have not had any winter here except for the night it got down to 26.

  8. I need to mow my backyard. It faces south and gets hammered by the sun from a couple of hours after sunrise until about an hour before sunset. It is growing like crazy


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