Monday, May 4, 2020


We had quite the storm pass through last week.  We didn't think it was too bad at the farm but apparently it was quite windy for sure.

When I pulled up I found a couple of shingles in the yard.  Yeah, it's an old roof and every once in a while with a big storm we lose one or two.  No leaks as the roof decking is super hard "old" wood and so there has never been a leak.  But it is yet another reason we need to get something new out there before we can live there full time.

This is one of the supports we had put up when testing the method of protecting the citrus in a freeze.  This one was bent.  It is a steel rod in the center surround by the green rubber.  Quite the wind to bend that.  Thankfully the fruit trees were fine.

This tree over in the future bee yard was not so lucky.  Lost a large branch here.

This is a heavy concrete bird bath that was upright of course.  The thing is so heavy I needed the trailer attached to the mower to move it.  Thankfully, the top was not on it or it would have probably broken.  This base was fine.  It was near where the branch fell so there must have been a powerful gust that came through that part of the property.  I won't know what else might have fallen until the next time I mow.

Lastly, as children who grew up with Star Wars (the first time around), we would be remiss if we didn't remember to wish all Star Wars fans out there a Happy May 4th, Star Wars Day!

We could all use a little Force with us right now.


  1. Wow, you got some high winds at the Farm. It even knocked down the concrete bird bath base.
    And yes, on this May 4th, we could sure use some of the positive energy of The Force. May the Force be with all of us.

  2. Oh, My Goodness. You did have the strong winds move in. We had some wind, but nothing like what you received or those in our surrounding area. Some areas got it worse than others.
    The storms where moving more east & South from us, and looking at the radar on our local news channel, I knew it was heading down your way. Thank goodness Everyone was safe; including 2nd family along with the farm animals.
    Know of Anyone who has a wood chipper? Chipping up them branches or cut down dead trees that fall makes for some nice Free mulch for your garden, etc.

  3. It sounds like you did have a force down your way.


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