Tuesday, May 26, 2020


It was a good weekend.  

The weather however was all over the place.  

Well, one place it stayed was hot.  This was Saturday afternoon at the farm, it was 91 but of course down here in these parts we have high humidity so it makes the 'feels like' way hotter.  So we had temps feeling like 100 degrees.

Saturday I got to the farm early and started mowing.

I hopped on my second favorite vehicle, the John Deere mower aka the Zen Machine...

I checked my last mowing stats and without even looking at the time once during my mowing, I was within 2 minutes of the last time (it was 1 hr 27 mins last time).  I was also fast on this round, I guess the grass was not as thick.

I rounded a corner on a trail (ON the mower) and I saw a brown pile.  I wasn't sure what it was until it straightened out and started moving.  My heart skipped a beat or two but then it slithered into the brush and I mowed on by.  Needless to say, I decided that path was mowed enough and I didn't go down that path again.

But when it was done it's always nice and neat.

I had some watchers on this trip.  I walked over and got some good closeups, I'll share those in a future post.  They were totally adorable!

After that I worked in the garden.  I pulled weeds, made sure the watering was going OK.  Nothing to harvest yet, tomatoes still green and squash still small, so I cleaned things up as best as possible in the heat and then went on to the next project.

The next thing I worked on was the orchard area.  I edged around the fruit tree beds and then weeded inside them, pulling grass and weeds.  After I finished that, I used the mower to go around them and clean up the debris (should have done that first but I wanted to get on the mower during the cooler part of the day).  The entire plan was to put up the deer fencing as well but I ran into two problems.  One the ground was REALLY hard.  I had already figured if that was an issue, I was going to borrow 2nd Family's fence post driver.  I called them to see if I could but it turns out they had loaned it out to a coworker and it hadn't been returned yet.  Oops.  Next I thought maybe I could try with a mallet but before I got to that it was time to take a moment and relax on the porch and water the plants there.

You can click HERE to see how that ended, ha.

It was already almost 4pm and storms were heading in from the West.  Sure enough, they arrived about 7pm.  Rain, lightning.  Then Sunday it rained on and off.  And yesterday it rained a bit.  And this morning another line of strong storms came through.  

Thankfully no flooding but maybe the ground will be softer this weekend, ha. 

Apologies for missing posting yesterday.  It was a day of rest.  My leg was sore all day (see post linked to above) and so we both just relaxed.

Thank you to all who served and remembering those gave the ultimate sacrifice.


  1. cows! you can keep the wasps and the snake.

  2. Farms animals I can easily handle but when it comes to wasps, yellow jackets, mice / rats, snakes; NO Thank You
    Was able to get our yard mowed before the rains / storms moved in on Sunday. When that wind picked up, the temperature really dropped.
    Monday we did receive 2 inches of rainfall and just a light mist yesterday morning. Rest of the day was beautiful.
    Your property looks so nice after getting mowed.

    Oh, speaking of mowing, I thought I would have to go to a dog groomer to get my hair cut, but was actually able to get my hair cut Monday. (I really don't think a dog groomer would had cut my hair anyway) Granted, had to do on-line sign in first but that was no big deal as I was the only customer, besides my husband that was in the salon. :}

  3. Your orchard area is beautiful and your fruit trees are growing so well!

  4. Lovely photographs but where are those of the cute cows? Roderick


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