Thursday, May 21, 2020


Every Thursday we like to post a picture of something we've found online that inspires us to do something similar at the farm. Sort of our own blog bulletin board so that we can eventually look back and someday, hopefully anyway, recreate it...enjoy!

image via (canada)
OK this OBVIOUSLY isn't our house, ha.  But we just love a creative spot like this.  For 2nd Man a creative spot is anywhere in the kitchen.  For me, something like this would fuel inspiration for anything creative.  Writing, art (as in this picture), etc.  Just sitting there with a peaceful view, windows open (on a cool day of course) would inspired just about anyone.  Surround yourself with beauty...nothing wrong there.

This does make us realize that putting a desk up against a window like this could be a great thing.  Don't sit there and look at a wall.  Look at something beautiful.  Paying bills might not be as stressful, ha!

Be inspired!


  1. When we had the house we built my desk was at a corner with a window on the left and straight ahead. I could see so much through those windows including if someone came up the driveway.

  2. What a beautiful view! That would inspire anyone!

  3. That is a beautiful view! I like my desk, sewing machine, and sink up against a window.

  4. It's very peaceful, I wonder what it sounds like? Looking at it lets me breathe a little easier.

  5. When you plan this, take into account the direction the window(s) face and when the sun would hit that space ... ie you don't want to be looking out a window, or even trying to type on a computer with bright sun streaming right in ... Just something to think about ...


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