Sunday, June 28, 2020


We are back to the way it was...

I was back to working in the office for a couple of weeks but as things have started to spiral out of control here in Houston, we went back to working from home.  Then, Friday afternoon, all phones in Houston received the emergency push alert posted above.

We're back to stay at home except for essential activities.  All businesses are now requiring customers to wear masks but as the virus ravages across Houston and hospitals reach 100% capacity, it's best not to leave unless you have to.  For the last couple of weeks, I restocked our food supply (and toilet paper/paper towels, ha) and that's good.

We're ready to hunker down for another couple of months if necessary. 

Today has been a lazy referenced by this picture of Hobart, laying on his side, covered with a blanket...yeah, he's not spoiled and yeah it IS that kind of a day, ha.  

Yesterday I went to the farm alone, not much to do with the mower down and all the standing rainwater.  More of an update tomorrow...


  1. And still, people claim it's a hoax.

    1. I agree Sadie. It's like part of me almost hopes it claims the ones who don't listen. I will not be sheading tears for dumb humans who can't listen to a few simple rules.

    2. That boggles our mind as well. In my job dealing with the same customers on a regular bases (insurance), I know of seven people who have had it or have it currently. 1 died, 2 were really sick, the rest said they recovered but it was an experience they would not wish on anyone. All ages, etc. One lady said her cousin ran marathons, was vegan, looked like a fashion model, he died because he thought he was healthy but had a blood disorder that he didn't know about. Under normal situation, would be nothing to worry about he may have lived most of his life without having to deal with it. But covid19 plus the unknown disorder killed him. So sad. That's where people like the ones who "aren't worried" could get it, not know they have it, and give it to someone who may get deathly sick. Just wear your masks people

  2. bless sweet hobart! please listen to the authorities; we need your voice out here. we are slowly re-opening in SE PA; masks required, 6' distancing required, 50% occupancy at restaurants/hair salons/etc. appointments required for all indoor activities like salons.

  3. i am hoping the idiot that won't wear masks and listen to phony president might start to catch on. hobart is too cute! i never had a cat that would let me cover it with a blanket.

  4. I saw the Texas news about the virus....the cases going up are insane!!!!!!! I feel almost lucky to be in PA. But certain states have jackasses for a governor. Hope yours is voted out soon. Over on the east coast the Northeast is far well for now...but the states surrounding us will ulimtimely takes us down yet again. I have to say, I love PA. We don't get that crazy ass weather, we have many different landscape locations, like woods, mountain, cities, rural, and beautiful countryside and some of the best farmers markets around, and the citizens for the most part are pretty friendly and smart about this virus.

    Stay safe over there!!!!!

  5. All this worries me as my son and dil are teachers and they have teens in school. I wonder when one certain man will catch covid-19.

  6. I read the news of Houston and wondered how you two were doing. Here in MD cases are decreasing but then we have one of the few Republican governors not taken to kissing up to tRump. NH where we are moving to in two plus weeks also has a decrease in cases.
    I don't understand the idiots that thing their freedoms are being trampled because they are required to wear a mask. Some of those idiots are getting the virus and changing their tune.

  7. Being only less than an hour out of Houston, people from here drive to work and shop in Houston, so the virus is raging here also. Unfortunately, our city and county officials are stupid and won’t institute a mask order and many of the idiots won’t wear one voluntarily.
    Cute picture of Hobart - he looks very cozy.
    Stay well and safe.

  8. We keep waiting for another surge here as some people, after all the hard work, are behaving like idiots.

  9. Wow that must be disappointing... and a little scary. Things are okay here so far and most people are doing what is necessary. Another two years of this? Seems like a bad dream.


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