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While I'm on vacation, this is a repost of a popular, earlier entry in the blog that I thought I'd share with new readers.

It was originally published 01/11/2012.  Enjoy!

The other day, I read THIS great post about garlic over at Bee Girl's awesome blog, Sky Minded and Ever Growing, and it inspired me to post something about what we do with our extra garlic...making roasted garlic cloves.

Of course, hers was home grown, and ours, for NOW anyway, is store bought, but this works with any garlic you have.  And it is oh so good!

This is a very simple method:

Preparing for roasted garlic
All you need are some heads of garlic, a muffin pan, and some foil. Oh and some olive oil.  I came up with the idea of using a muffin tin after a few trial runs using a baking sheet.  It worked so well, I bought a dedicated muffin tin just for this purpose.  In fact, 2nd Man calls it "the garlic pan".  The six holes work great for the amount we usually roast at one time, but of course you could do large quantities with a bigger pan.

Slice off the top part of garlic head 
The first step is to slice off about a quarter to a third of the top of a head of garlic.  Don't worry, you can leave the paper husk on...

Put one garlic head in each hole
Next, put one in each opening, cut side up (they fit perfectly this way).  Drizzle about 1 or 2 tbsp olive oil over each, making sure each of them is well coated, while allowing the oil to soak into the head.  You can also sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, though this is optional, and of course herbs could be used as well for an extra layer of flavor...

Cover garlic with foil
...after the tin is full, cover tightly with foil.  Place in 400 degree oven, and bake for about 35-40 minutes or until the cloves are soft...

Roasted garlic fresh from the oven
When it's done (and your house smells amazing), remove the foil and you will
end up with something that resembles this...

Roasted garlic in a jar
Squeeze the garlic cloves out, they slip out easily, and put them in a jar for storage
(another great Mason jar use!)...

You can use them as is, or do like we do on occasion (and here in this batch) and top off with olive oil.  Refrigerate until ready to use with either method.  Keep in mind, if you refrigerate oil, it will solidify.  To use the garlic this way, you'd need to leave it out at room temperature for a bit.  I'm not sure how long it would last if you just left it out on the counter without being refrigerated at all, ours gets eaten too fast, ha.

So how do you use them? Many ways. We spread a clove or two on crusty, homemade bread (they almost dissolve into the crust). Or smash a few with a fork and add to mashed potatoes. Or add some to a pasta sauce and let them melt into the tomatoes. You can slip the awesome flavor into just about anything (meatloaf? burgers? rubbed on chicken?). Best of all, you can eat them just as they are.

For those afraid of the strong garlic taste, don't be...this roasting process mellows their flavor and brings out a sweetness and nuttiness that's just heavenly...assuming you like garlic of course!
Yummy garlic


  1. Oh my goodness I can almost smell and taste it! YUMMY!

  2. What a great post. We absolutely love garlic and you make this look so easy! Didn't know roasted garlic could be stored in olive oil either. That's fantastic to know!

  3. Tonya - It's smells SO good while it's roasting. Again, you gotta love garlic in all ways for this one, ha.

    Leigh - Thank you, these are the kind of posts we want to do once we get the farm up and running, sharing fun stuff. But until then, i'll scatter them about as I come up with them, ha. And yes, it really couldn't be easier. As I said about the oil, it does solidify in the fridge of course, so you need to let it sit out. Not sure how it would do just on the counter in some oil. We just do these a few at a time and pretty much use it all up in a week or so. Whatever you end up doing, enjoy it!

  4. That was a very nice tutorial ..made me want to run right out and get some garlic..

  5. GInny - If you like garlic, you should try it, it's very good. Soft, buttery and yummy! Thanks for the comment as always!

  6. Love this post! I think we need to designate our own garlic pan!!! :-)

  7. Wow! I can't wait to try this! I love how they sit in their own little spaces. I love roasted garlic but I've never made it this way! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  8. Bee Girl - Well, you inspired it (hope you don't mind the link back to you) and yes, I've had a couple of friends tell me the same thing "I want a garlic pan", ha. Can't wait to do it with fresh garlic like y'all have.

    Angela - Thank you SO much for visiting! That was one thing I loved too, the fact that they had their own little spot. I suppose you could get a pan for 12 muffins and roast a LOT of garlic, ha. Enjoy!!!

  9. I never thought about using a muffin pan. I have a cast iron one that I have never used, yet. It would work great for this. And it is good to know that it can be stored in olive oil, but I had to snicker a bit at that, as ours never lasts long enough to store!

    1. I'm glad you like this. It's a great idea, and a cast iron one would work great!!!! It's a great idea and yes, ours USUALLY lasts, oh, about two days, ha. Thanks for stopping by!!

  10. A muffin pan! What a brilliant idea for roasting garlic! I wrap mine in foil but this would work much better. Don't forget to plant garlic this fall so you can enjoy your own farm-grown roasted garlic next year.

  11. Well, lookie how smart you are! No wonder you have so many followers. Kuddos on the credit 1st man. That's why we like you so much. (smile)

    You know, I've roasted garlic in foil like others that commented, but a muffin tin, genius! Thanks so much for the tutorial tool. I just might chop mine up before storing. Great job!


  12. curiosity got the better of me and I had to rush over to see is happening..and I am so glad I did. We love garlic and this is so easy to do. I think this is something my children (all grownups :) will like too so am passing this on.
    I have a perfect muffin pan for this too!
    Mona :)

  13. I use your method for roasting garlic all the time now - I even gave away my terra cotta garlic roaster because I never used it (too small). Thanks for posting this - best way EVER. Best wishes on your farm.

    1. Well how sweet of you to come back and let us know. Thanks so much! Glad to pass on something good to someone else, ha. Thank you so much for taking the time to say something. It's much appreciated!!

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