Sunday, September 22, 2013


Blue sky
Sigh...what a beautiful day.

It was kind of warm later in the day, so we're not out of Summer yet, but the morning was absolutely heavenly.  As you can see, not a cloud in the blue sky, a cool breeze blew for a bit, there was virtually no was wonderful.

With almost 4" of rain Friday and yesterday, there was no watering necessary, but I did check the fruit trees.  They all look good, except for this one, it's the Meyer Lemon.  It's dropped all its leaves.  The branches are green but most of the leaves have fallen off.  I say fallen off, there aren't any on the ground, so perhaps something could have stripped them off?  An insect?  Not sure.  

Meyer Lemon dropping leaves
The most enjoyable part of the day was just being inside with the windows open and the breeze blowing.  Got some pictures hung, moved some stuff around, did a few other projects inside (more on those upcoming).  We can't wait for the first truly Fall weekend, where it's cool all day long.

My list of yard projects is long when that gets here.

Overall, it was a good end to the weekend after the stormy start and a great first day of Fall!  Hope you all had had a great weekend doing whatever makes you happy!

Blue skies


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Happy days for you and Kiki too! Congrats on the 'new home'!

  2. 1st Man,

    Thank you for your warm words about Bug.

    Beautiful pictures of your property and sky. Did you temperatures drop late at night? We were in the low 50's and 40's in some areas of Oklahoma, maybe this caused the lemon tree to lose it's leaves?

    Have a good evening and enjoy what's left of the weekend.

    1. Well I meant them, I know that's a tough decision. We have one cat who will soon be 18. I know the day will come when we have to make that decision and I think it's one that is made from pure love.

      It got into the 60's, hmm, that's a possibility. Need to do some research, thanks for the suggestion. Gosh, 40's, I think we'd have the heat on, ha. It was a wet start but a beautiful finish. Of course, the heat, for us anyway, is coming back later this week, ugh.

  3. looks like you have had a hungry deer come by and munch on your Meyer lemon. We have one and have to keep a wire cage around it, or they will strip it just like yours. Once they find it, they will keep coming back, and will keep it stripped clean.

  4. I asked AGA about your lemon and he thinks it could be lack of water. Lemon trees need a good bucket of water every two day (with some sort of citrus food added if you want) - especially when they are young.
    The same thing happened to my Mother's lemon tree and after a couple of weeks having a bucket of water every two days, the leaves grew back and lemons started appearing!
    Those blue skies remind me of Melbourne. Here it is grey grey grey.
    Bye for now

  5. Hi, just found your blog through Annie's Granny and The Stay @ Home Gardner and love it! I have a few Meyer Lemons and a few weeks ago, one looked just like yours. In my case, neglect/lack of water was the culprit. Never saw leaves on the ground, but they were crispy for a few days prior to dropping. I gave the plant a dose of Citrus Tone fertilizer followed by a generous handful of Epsom salts dissolved in a gallon or so of water. Within a few days, I had new growth starting all over and, within a week it was filled with new leaves. I can't believe the difference in such a short time. Good luck with yours!

  6. I think you need to water the lemon more. I grow lots of citrus and that would be my guess. Love your blue skies! We got our first Fall rain over the was lovely...can't say that too loud, we still have about 800 acres of rice, corn, sunflowers and 100 acres of almonds to harvest.

  7. Citrus trees like the sun, HATE having their roots compete with anything and also like cool roots, so keep the grass away and apply some mulch through the hotter weather.....hope this helps along with the other advice for water and fertilizer.

    1. Thank you for this advice! The citrus died but they are on the list for trying again. I will take this advice when I start planting again. Thanks much!!!!


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