Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Here are some of my latest thrift store finds.

First the broom looking thing.  It's actually a "cobweb broom".  It's got a long handle and the broom end is angled and jagged to help with getting cobwebs that are up in the corners and edges of ceilings.  $3.00

The clear, pressed glass item is one of those old style candle holders that holds a candlestick.  You carry it with your finger and thumb in the holder. $1.50 

Finally, two of my two favorite finds of the week, stoneware bread warmers.  You put them in the oven, heat them up and then put them in the bottom of a basket with your bread, usually under a towel, and then they radiate the heat to keep your bread warm while on the table.  $3.00 each

$10.50!  Not a bad deal for some fun things for the farmhouse.  I'll hang the cobweb broom in the mudroom with the other cleaning supplies, the candle holder will find a home on the desk in the foyer, and the bread warmers will definitely have a home with the bread baskets we already have.

I just love a deal!


Joani said...

Fabulous finds. Thanks for sharing.

Frugal Living UK said...

You always find such good things.

Sandy said...

I love thrift store finds, especially if you can use the item and you get a great price.

Laurie said...

I haven't saw bun warmers in a long time, I think I still have one! You did well, love the broom!

Jennifer G said...

Oh how I love thrift store shopping! Great finds. By the way, I adore your blog, I'm visiting most every day. I love what you guys are doing and it's fun that you share it all. I'm also learning some stuff along the way. Just what every blog should do, hahaha. I found you from over at sunset brenda's blog and now I have you bookmarked as a favorite.

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

AWESOME finds!! I love the bread-warmers. Now I have something new to hunt for...great, haha