Monday, October 15, 2012


Well, T, his mom and brother H got the pen all ready on Friday night.  Here it is when they got there. It is located at the school district's Ag barns.

After they finished, it was all ready for it's new occupant.  Fresh and clean and new...for the last time ever, ha.  It was neat seeing all the family members there with all the kids and their animals.  We had a blast just hanging around for a couple of hours!

On Saturday, T went to the sale and bought the pig.  Congratulations, it's a boy!  Here is his back end.  Why did I show you that first?  Well, it's how this crossbreed gets its name.  It's called a "Blue Butt", funny name I know.  It is a cross between a Yorkshire (white) pig and a Hampshire (black/black and white) pig.  It ends up all white/pink on the front end and it's rump is actually a bluish color, hence the "Blue Butt" breed, not very dignified if you ask me, ha.  

Here is Seda getting his first meal in his new pen.  He really seemed to like the feed that T gave him.  In fact, he ate like a...oh yeah, right, that's what he does.  The marks on him are from the transport to the auction, scratches from other pigs, etc.  They say it goes away in a week or so.

Here he is!  I tried to get him to wink for the camera, but all I could get was this goofy grin, LOL.

Next on the agenda, he gets his round of shots.

The only stat I have at the moment is his weight.  As of last night:

61 lbs


jaz@octoberfarm said...

omg...what a cute piggy!!!

Marcia said...

Very cute and what fun to be on the sidelines as the boy and his big grow up!

Sandy said...

He's a cutie, are you bringing him home?

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

Hello, new follower here! I would love to have you link up with my Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!
I hope to see you there!
The Chicken Chick

1st Man said...

He's definitely a looker, ha!

1st Man said...

Thanks, and I never thought about that but yeah, watching them both "grow up" will be fun!!

1st Man said...

I kind of wished we were, but a) we're not ready for that yet and b) this is a young man's FFA school project so it's his to raise and auction off. We're just sponsoring and providing support both financial and moral to make sure he makes his dream come true. But we're learning a bit as well as it progresses.

1st Man said...

First of all, yay, thank you for following! We love new followers or friends as we call you. :-)

I have never done a link up thing/blog hop because I'm not sure I understand how that all works just yet but i need to figure it out. I'd love to link up with your blog, let me see if I can figure it all out. I know I missed this one you mentioned (sorry computer was acting up at the time and I missed this comment), but hopefully there will be others.

Little Acres Cottage said...

Oh Seda is adorable! A blue butt pig? Incredible. I'm sorry but I don't think he is trying to wink for the camera, instead he is trying to tell you that he wants to come and live in New Zealand... with ME!!! hehe.

1st Man said...

He's a cutie. I think you might be right about the winking, lol. Can pigs swim? Ha. ;-)