Thursday, November 29, 2012


Pink roses along fence, photo courtesy of: forum
Sigh.  This picture just makes me sigh every time I see it.  What a beautiful combination of flowers.  For those who have followed the blog know that I love white picket fences and this is one reason.  I just think this is so beautiful.

I think if I had something like this, I'd just sit there and stare at it all day...after working to make it look like that, LOL!  It definitely inspires me.

Enjoy your day, today is my blog day off, I'll be back here tomorrow morning!


Mary Ann said...

If that isn't the most beautiful picture!!!!

Kirk Dale said...

I agree. A very nice image. Another plan to be added to the steadily growing number for when we have our own house and garden.
The various pink tones of the roses, combined with the white fence and the lavender certainly presses my aesthetic buttons!

1st Man said...

It really makes me want to have a fence and those same flowers, ha. I might just have to refer back to this picture someday soon. :-)

1st Man said...

The colors are what drew me to it. The pinks the pale purples and the kind of startling yellow green of the other flowers make such a pleasing color palette. On my to do list too!!