Friday, November 2, 2012


I always enjoy sharing plants I find because I'm sure they aren't always everywhere so it might be something new for many of you.

I found this one recently and looked it up in my wildflowers book.

It's a perennial that reaches up to three feet high, called the Silver-Leaf Nightshade and blooms from March through October.
As pretty as it is though, it does produce a poisonous fruit later on in it's life cycle. Why do pretty things have to be so bad too?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, aren't "weeds" awesome? :-)

A Minnesota Homestead said...

That really is pretty :)

1st Man said...

I have come to have a whole new respect for weeds. Well, SOME weeds anyway, ha.

1st Man said...

Thanks, it is pretty huh? You know if we tried to plant them ON PURPOSE it wouldn't work.

Daniel said...

They are beautiful aren't they. As well as producing a highly toxic berry, I have heard that they are highly allergenic. Do any of you know if this is true?