Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Haven't been to the thrift store in a couple of weeks, I know, I know, falling down on the job, LOL.

So I went yesterday at lunch and found a few cool items for the farm.

 This was actually sold as a set.  Three nice candle holders in the blue and white ceramic that we've been putting in the bedroom at the farm as accessories.  It all started with a wonderfully kind gift from a friend of the blog, and then another similar piece someone else sent, and now I try to find more that match.  I'm not sure if this is a "style" or what you even call it, but we like the colors.


$5.00 for the set.

And this was just too unusual to pass up.  It looks like it was once a  soup can that has since been etched or carved with cut outs all around it.  You put a tea light candle in the bottom and it gives off a wonderful dancing pattern in the room.  It's not fancy but I find it fascinating.


75 cents.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

nice finds and all stuff that can actually be used as well as being decorative.

CityGirlCountryBloke said...

Love your thrift store finds! The can is definitely a conversation piece.

Judith said...

Good finds! I love blue and white china.

SkippyMom said...

Oooooh love them both - and y'know the candle holder looks to be blowtorched/solder out. Nice edges on that. Bargain at .75 cents.

And the blue/white is stunning. My Mom collected blue glass and although my kitchen is green/red/yellow - she left the collection to me. My favorite piece is a blue, 1950's straw holder [like you used to see in a Malt Shop?] and I use the rest around the house for other purposes, because as much as I love the blue - I was NOT [and will NOT] redecorate my kitchen for it.

So the canister set does double duty holding stuffz in the bathroom, and on the nightstand, candle holders are used at Christmas/Easter....etc. There is a lot of it, but I know how much she loved it , so I am glad I have it.

I NEED to get to the thrift store and you NEED TO COME HERE - there are a frijillion! We would have such fun! :)

1st Man said...

I do like form AND function, LOL.

1st Man said...

I know, isn't the can neat? I'm guessing someone put some effort into it. It'll go on the desk in the foyer. :-)

Linda said...

The can is a true work of art. I love blue and white pieces. Good finds.

1st Man said...

Thank you, and it is such a refreshing combination huh?

1st Man said...

I thought it must be some sort of soldering or torching or welding. Maybe someone practicing? Sad that it ended up in a thrift store almost trashed, but lucky it crossed my path because it will continue on at the farm!

Awesome that you have your Mom's stuff. Heck our ktichen is red and white so I understand, but the bedroom being blue and white makes it fit perfectly. You know, canisters holding stuff in the bathroom is a great idea.

You are so sweet. I'd be dangerous in a frijillion shops. Might not have enough $$ LOL! We'd have fun spending though huh? You go and see what they have, I bet you find some great bargains. :-)

1st Man said...

Thanks. Yes, the can is crazy cool when I look at it more closely. Who knows it might have been "easy" for the person who did it but it looks like a lot of work to me.

Midnite Baker said...

Love Thrift store shopping, better than garage sales. Someone was very creative with the soup can project. Neat finds. M

Alison said...

The blue pieces are lovely and the artistry on the can is amazing. I have to say that if you keep buying all the lovely stuff, it will be hard for those of us who want to buy you presents to find things you haven't already gotten!!! Just sayin'.