Saturday, August 31, 2013


I will be taking a vacation from the blog this long weekend.
We're actually both taking off work Tuesday and Wednesday in addition to our Monday holiday so it will be a whole five days off, yay!

Rockers on the farmhouse porch
We have lots of plans.  Let's see how many get accomplished, ha.  It's going to be hot, hot, hot this weekend, again, so that might alter some outdoor plans but we'll see.  I've got some decorating projects, some organizing things, more shelves to put up, lots of plants to buy a the garden center, hoping to have the Zen Machine back up and running so I can mow, might go ahead and start building the next set of raised beds for the garden so I can work on the drip irritation when the weather cools down and be ready for early Spring, and I'm wanting to try a few cooking crafts (homemade cheese is one).

I have scheduled the regular posting for Vintage Poster Sunday, but for the rest of the time, I am going to re-post some old articles to share with all our new 'friends of the farm' who might not have seen them before.

Of course if there was some sort of exciting breaking news, I might find a way to post that and share. But while we're at the farm, we hope to be disconnected from the world for awhile, but we'll see how THAT goes, ha.  

We wish you all the best, feel free to comment away and I'll read them as soon as possible but will reply later next week.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. hope you guys have a fun mini-cation!

  2. Enjoy your mini-vacation and time at the farmhouse!

  3. Love the 2 rocking chairs on the porch .... just needs a table and maybe a glass of ice tea or a cup of coffee and a garden catalog to make it look like a nice place to relax on your long weekend. Enjoy, have a great time.

  4. Hope you have a long, restful weekend!

  5. 1ST Man,

    Try not to work to hard on the projects you have lined up. Hopefully the heat will not take it's toll on you both while working outside.
    Try to enjoy some of your time for yourselves.

  6. I'm sending a little comic to your e-mail that is rather fitting for the farm. Hope you have a great weekend. Currently 77 and partly sunny, but I've seen some trees that have leaves changing already. I'm not ready for fall yet!!


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