Friday, October 4, 2013


Hobart the cat
Here is Hobart, doing his best Darth Vader impression.

He's is the funniest little (or not so little) cat, he just sits and watches.  Watches everything we do.  We call him the 'watcher' and say that he's trying to learn how to run the house so he can take over some day.  He also follows us (me usually) all over the place. He'll get up when I get off the couch and run along beside me and follow me into the kitchen and sit there.  Then he follows me into the bedroom and sits.  Then he follows me back to the living room and lays down by the door.  In those moments we call him "Lassie".

Silly kitty!

Smile, it's Friday!


Sandy said...

1st Man,

Hobart doing the impression of Darth Vader is adorable. I can give him my husbands C-PAP machine and he'll even sound like Darth Vader, lol

It's obvious Hobart is your little side kick, and he's happy to do so.

MTVA said...

Now that would be a great Halloween picture! Hobart sounds like such a lovable companion.

1st Man said...

He is a sidekick for sure. Ha, I understand abou tthe C-PAP machine, I've heard them. But they are a good thing to have!!

1st Man said...

That's a good idea, didn't think about it but it does look sort of spooky, ha. He's a little crazy cat, that's for sure. He doesn't show much 'lap love' but he shows it in other ways. :-)