Thursday, October 10, 2013


Outdoor rustic dining, image courtesy of
This is a great Autumn inspired inspiration.  I believe this was set up as an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner party.  Love the bales of hay as seating.  Having never sat on a bale of hay, do you suppose it's actually comfortable?

Believe it or not, we've always wanted to have an outdoor Thanksgiving.  Before we bought the farm property and house, we had often talked of having a Thanksgiving meal outside in natural surroundings.  This we could do.

Hmm, Thanksgiving 2014?

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  1. You have over a month to plan for this year, yard sales, thrift store chairs, unless you have a truck to get the hay bales. Go for it.

  2. Hay bales are very comfortable benches as long as there's something to keep the hay from poking into you through your clothing...hence the quilt or whatever it is in that photo.

  3. i love this! i find hay bales to be very comfortable as long as they are covered. they are rather cushiony!

  4. Just make sure no one has allergies if you use hay bales. Covering them would not work for my allergies. Actually, I could have a chair, but if there were hay bales around the table, I would be miserable and ill for weeks. Otherwise, it is a lovely table setting.

  5. Very little prep an' you can have Thanksgiving 2013 outside as the photo suggests.

  6. 1st Man,

    Nice looking table, you may want to do this before it gets to cold out in Texas.

  7. What a fantastic idea... how FUN!! Be sure to take plenty of pictures.

  8. Guess who'll be over for Thanksgiving 2014?????


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