Thursday, January 2, 2014


I have no idea where I originally found this image, but when I saw it I just thought it was so amazing and I saved it.  Someone put a lot of work into this path.  Heck, I think I'd be afraid to even walk on it.  It kind of reminds me of something you might see in The Hobbit movies!

Of course, it also inspires me to remember that we need to work on our paths at some point in our list of projects that I posted about yesterday.  Not sure I'll be THIS creative but it's certainly something to strive toward.  I've got these cool cobblestone path molds that will be nice once I get ready to do that and since they use concrete, I could easily 'add things' to the concrete before it sets up.  I'll keep this to remind me to be more creative than just plain concrete stones.

Hope you are having a great week.
Hard to believe we are now into the second day of 2014!

Be inspired!


  1. I love it. I live where marble is mined, and it's in walkways at many of the houses around. One friend even had a curved walkway with the white marble cut into triangles to accommodate the curve. The problem with marble, though, is that the surface is slippery when its wet or covered with frost. The photo you've posted shows a walkway with enough texture to solve that problem. I'm inspired.

  2. i love these kinds of pathways. lots of hard work in it!

  3. Very interesting, maybe doable with a few less spirals, or a shorter path. Hope you do at least a variation somewhere.

  4. It IS a path that inspires! Damn it, you have me thinking about attempting something like it now and my 'to do' list is already as long as my leg. LOL.

  5. I have that one pinned on Pinterest as well. I will be using any cheap, free and odd pavers, bricks and flat rocks to make paths this year.

  6. Greetings: This has nothing to do with your post but when I found this, I thought of you.

  7. Hello there from South Australia :)

    I have spent many happy hours looking over your blog and still have more to see yet.

    I love that path, would look very nice at my place! Some people are so talented :)

  8. Very cool pathway. Will be keeping that for future inspiration. :)

  9. This is an official offer to help build such a thing.


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