Wednesday, January 13, 2016


So last year, I posted about some fortune cookie fortunes we were saving.
We've also, in the last few years, started saving wine bottle corks.

I found this cool vase (candle holder?) at a thrift store last year (and now it looks great in our apartment, since we're going for a mid-century vibe) and we just started tossing them in there (even bringing some home from dinners out).

Wine Corks
And now as they build up, I'll have to figure out a cool craft thing to do with them someday.  I know Colleen (a sweet, frequent commenter here) has mentioned she saves corks for crafts.  Maybe she will share her ideas?  We don't have a ton yet, maybe 3 or 4 dozen, but moving forward, do we save up for something big or do several small things?

Anyone have any ideas for future projects?


  1. Infinite possibilities! Here's a start...

  2. I'd have to search for the directions, but I saw a tabletop Christmas tree made out of corks that I thought was fun. Probably had a foam core under the corks.

  3. I have done wreaths, tree ornaments, coasters, a cork bulletin board. The list goes on and on.
    Link to so many Other ideas.

    1. Ask friends, family members, employees, etc. to save their wine corks for you.
      I wouldn't have as many containers that have if it weren't for other people saving them for me.
      Talk to management of your favorite place to go that serves wine and have them save you the corks.

  4. Here is a link to several wine cork projects that were done by a very creative blogger.
    Some are useful and some are just cute!

    Hope you are settling in well and enjoying your at new apartment.


  5. 1st Man,

    I see corks used as cork boards built up in a picture frame.

  6. Mirror frames, table tops, trivets.

  7. should we blogger friends start saving them for you?

  8. I don't know.... Sounds like a corporate strategic decision to me! Maybe you need a few more cases of wine to get things in focus! :-)

  9. I've often wondered that. I have been saving corks for a few years, although we are not big wine drinkers so don't have that many yet. In the back of my mind I knew I would eventually use them in some sort of project, but really had no idea what - there are some great ideas here!

  10. Glue them together for coasters. try this link.

  11. I have made so many things out of wine corks. Wreaths have been a fun project. I also used a bunch to cover the outside of a wooden birdhouse and wooden bird feeder as a Christmas gift. Cut in half and glued to the outside, they really added a lot to ordinary bird feeders.


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