Monday, November 21, 2016


Fall garden update:

Squash bed
Squash and Napa cabbage doing well...

Fall tomato plant
Tomatoes are blooming, not sure if we'll get any this season, might have gotten them in too late or our weather was too weird, but at least they are trying...

Herb raised bed 
Herb bed has gone to seed, but it's OK, the bees and butterflies are loving it.  And we can still harvest the thyme and oregano...

Bibb lettuce
Buttercrunch (Bibb) lettuce was ready to be harvested.  I forgot about staggering the planting and so now it's all ready at once.  Oops!  

So I harvested two ways...I cut some at the base...

...and pulled some up and put them, roots and all, in jars of water.  

Greens raised bed
Here are the greens.  The center plants are mustard greens, with leaves ready for harvesting.

Fall harvest basket
And here is this weeks harvest basket. A yellow squash in the bottom, mustard greens, heads of bibb lettuce, and a handful of lemon thyme.

Let the cooking/eating begin!


  1. Beautiful pictures of your beautiful garden!
    For your lettuce (and other greens), you can pick just the outer leaves and it will continue to produce more leaves all winter.
    The bees and butterflies really love the herb garden - I have seen my basil covered with over a dozen butterflies at one time! And if you let the herbs fully seed out, you'll have a bunch of volunteer babies next spring.

    1. Thank you! We picked a few outer leaves but they started dying (or had already run their course I guess). Live and learn, I think we'll do it a bit easier (and staggered) next time.

      The bees and butterflies are loving this huh? I've been seeing huge bumblebees all over them. I'll have to get some good pictures.

      Should I pull them up at some point?

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely, it's our first Fall garden and while very small, it's a test to see what works and so far so good!

  3. That is a good looking harvest so late.

    1. We are blessed with a late season for cold weather so we can have a second growing season I guess they call it. Thanks!

  4. I think that's great for late November!

    1. Yep, we have a great second season for growing. Should still be getting some more soon. Thanks!!!

  5. What a great harvest. Keep that Fall harvest going by covering to keep from freezing temperatures.
    I'm still picking bell peppers, Jalapeno's, Dragon Cayenne peppers and been picking a few pole beans as well and would you believe that I picked a cherry tomato the other day that came from a volunteer plant and also have volunteer Big Boy (over 4 ft. tall)that has a tomato setting on and blooming like crazy


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