Tuesday, June 27, 2017


This is one of the things we brought from the house.  We thought about trying some strawberries sometime as we never got to it at the house in town.  This was a gift from a friend shortly before we put the house up for sale and so it just sat there unused.  

Strawberry planter
I did go so far as to make a PVC pipe for use in the center, capped at the bottom with drilled holes along the length to allow for water to come out at each level of berry pocket.  I know you can put herbs in them too, but we do have a huge 4x4 herb bed so we don't need that, but I'm not sure how many strawberries we'd get from six pockets and the top?  Might be fun to try to see how well strawberries do in our climate before we go large scale elsewhere?

Anyone ever used one of these strawberry pots?


  1. I have used several of these pots over the years; mostly for succulents (hen and chicks are great for these pots)and low growing flowers but for me; I never had any luck growing strawberries in these pots / containers but back............way, way back, years ago I never thought about putting a section of PVC pipe down in the center. Have learned a lot over the years. (the older we get, the wiser :} )
    Another thing I learned; dampen your soil First Before putting the pot.
    I have even decorated strawberry pots and used at Christmas time; simply gorgeous with battery operated lights, some greenery, ribbon, etc. (whatever your little heart desires when it comes to decorating these for the holidays; not just for Christmas.

  2. oops. 'dampen soil Before putting in the pot.

  3. Oh, get you another fire pit ring and turn into a strawberry bed. Add another ring in center using a ring of metal flashing or maybe something a bit heavier and if you want, add smaller ring a top of the center ring, for a 3- ring layered strawberry bed.
    Wish I could find a picture to show you on what I'm talking about.
    (you have your fire pit rind; another rind inside and then another, smaller ring sitting on top of the 2nd ring; planting strawberry plants in all 3 layers.
    You will be blessed with many strawberries.
    I have tried planting the bare root berries but have much better luck by buying the Bonnie plants in the Spring right when they first come out in the nurseries.
    Now, to help keep the birds from eating the berries or other fruit from your fruit trees ext. put up some bird feeders away from your planted fruit plants. Or you could make a dome out of chicken wire to put over the berries; bees can get in to pollinate but keeps the birds from eating the berries / fruit.
    If I find picture of the layering; will post link

    1. On the order of this; https://www.gurneys.com/product/pyramidal_strawberry_bed_with_sprinkler/strawberry-plants
      only the bottom, larger ring would be your fire pit ring.
      In turn you will have a raised strawberry bed. :}

  4. Last year I bought a hanging basket with a strawberry plant in it. If the baby squirrels hadn't eaten them, we would have gotten maybe a dozen strawberries at best. I'm growing some from seed this year, so my fingers are crossed!! That's a nice planter, I've never seen one like that before.

  5. I have a couple of those pots but keep them filled with herbs or green plants only. You are wise to have the pvc pipe in it because just watering form the top doesn't work well and if you try and water the side pieces all the dirt flies out. I tried them with strawberries last year but the chipmunks had other ideas than to let me harvest any,

  6. We tried to grow strawberries in one of these pots, but they dried out sooooo fast. It now has less water hungry plants in it. Our strawberries thrive in hanging pots.

  7. Those pots are very cute, if you want to keep the plants moist you can get a spray on pot sealant, it works for a few years and is clear, so just spray onto the outside and the unglazed clay will retain moisture much better. I have used it for years and it works well.
    If you put straw under the plant, on top of the soil,it keeps the berries clean and discourages snails and slugs from ruining your strawberries.

    Good luck with harvesting when they are ready, keep the local wildlife away if you can.The bee friendly wire sounds great.

  8. I have one of those! However, it just sits since I cannot handle it. Plus, someone thought it needed dirt in it, not what I wanted.

  9. Yes, they are expensive. Did strawberries which did well. The frais des bois are very fragrant and sweet. They have a white strawberry out now that is supposedly tasty. I finally planted herbs in mine.

  10. That's a very nice pot you have. I have one similar to it and planted strawberries in it several years ago. They did well but, as others said, I had to water it quite often, so I haven't used it for awhile. With that watering pipe down the middle of yours, it should really help with the watering situation. Just think of the strawberry jam you'll be able to make with your own home-grown strawberries!

  11. I lined mine with landscape fabric to keep the dirt in & put the pcv pipe down the inside. The berries were hohum, the ones I got. Now, I plant mine in two tires stacked together, filled with dirt & topped with straw now. The berries are happier, the soil is warmer, the straw keeps the slugs away & I can put a netting top over it to keep the birds & rodents away. The 'berry' pot acts as a decorative stand with another clay pot stuck in the top full of drought loving succulents that hang over the sides.


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