Sunday, August 13, 2017


Saw this yesterday...after I had walked under it a couple of times.  

Avert your eyes if spiders freak you out.

This garden spider (we call them "banana spiders" or "golden orb spiders" down here) had woven a web between the two posts of the garden gate, way up near the top.  

Here is a closeup as I walked in...

And here is the backside as I turned around to get another photo from the other direction...

These don't scare me, as intimidating as they look, they are harmless and eat lots of bad bugs.  Now don't get me wrong, if one was ON ME, that would be  an entirely different story, ha.  

They seem to be in various places around the garden, and I'm OK with that.  I figured she was standing guard at the entrance to the garden and we're fine with her staying there doing what she does best. 

It's been hot this weekend, dangerously hot again.  Believe it or not, the farm had 5" of rain earlier this week.  It was all dried up though, the ground soaked it up like a sponge.  

More of an update tomorrow, off to run errands the air conditioning!


  1. That's a serious spider. I seldom see spiders here in my Florida yard, or in the house, but sometimes I find cobwebs so I know they're sneaking around.


  2. It's a good thing to have these. I have a few around here myself.
    What I don't like is when you can't see a spider web and I end up walking right into it. Yuck........not a good feeling.
    Been having light rain off and on this morning and into the afternoon

  3. That is a very considerate spider to make her web so you don't wear the web.

    I ran into the web of one of these spiders near the clothes line and the web is very tough. It was all over me and in my hair and not easily removed. Then, another built a web across the back door...three nights in a row. I had to rip it down to get out of the back door. Finally she built it back over near the hinge side of the door and onto the corner wall.

    I imagine some of that 5 inches was evaporated by your extreme heat.

  4. I like spiders...but mother nature can keep the black widows!

  5. Smart spider - she knows where the best bugs are, in the garden! And she is in the perfect place to guard your garden against bad bug intruders.

  6. And near the end of summer, you'll find 3 little silk bags nearby, about a quarter around and then she'll close her eyes,.

  7. What a beauty! For some reason we haven't had any of them for a few years. Other spiders ,yes..

  8. The creepy part is that picture on my monitor is actually the real size!


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