Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Simple post today. We don't have much growing of course but what we do have seems to be coming along nicely so far...

Raised bed collards
Collards, growing about twice as big as they were when we planted them. They should love this cooler weather...

Raised bed garlic
Garlic, compared to last week, is also almost twice as tall this week...

Raised bed cabbage
Cabbage, slow but I think it was the warm weather, now that cool is here, they have started to grow more rapidly...

Squash died in the cold
Remember the random squash that sprung up from some leftover seed in the raised bed?  Well it was definitely a Summer crop, the first night in the 40's and this happened!  Oh well.  

Lemongrass in flowerbed
And the lemongrass is HUGE. I'd say it's definitely happy where it is. We have two, one on the other side of the garden gate almost as big. They started out just a few inches tall and maybe 4 sprigs.

They say small plants don't tolerate freezes well, but large plants might freeze back and come back in the Spring.  This is pretty large.  We'll just have to see. 

Everything in the ground is a learning moment!


  1. oh my gosh it looks great, I have never seen lemon grass like that!! Your planting boxes are great! Its a blizzard here,, yuk!! I'll trade you weather lol,,

  2. i plant lemongrass every spring and mine has never looked like this!

  3. Your Fall garden is looking so good. With another norther coming in, they should be happy with another shot of cool weather. Your garlic is growing so well. Your lemon grass is definitely a great success. My local nursery got some spinach plants in today, so I bought a couple of 6-packs and planted them this evening. With organic spinach selling for 5.98 for 1 pound in the grocery store, I’m hoping to have plenty of my own organic spinach soon.

  4. Your garden and lemon grass is looking great.
    Your poor squash didn't fair quite as well. To help protect your winter garden get some old bed sheets, blankets at thrift store and cover your gardening beds to help protect from frost / freeze.

  5. Wishing Everyone a Very Happy and Blessed ThanksGiving

    1. For each new morning with its light,
      For rest and shelter of the night,
      For health and food,
      For love and friends,
      For everything Thy goodness sends.
      – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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