Saturday, November 25, 2017


We opted for a different Thanksgiving dinner this year than we usually do. We started the holiday weekend with steak for the night before.  It's something we did a couple years ago with 2nd Man's family and decided to do it on our own and make it a tradition for ourselves. Sometimes we have to realize that in the end, all we have is each other, am I right?

We started the day with snacks. Chips, crackers and dips, cheese and salami, nuts, and mini bologna and cheese sandwiches.  This was so we could eat dinner later in the day and sleep in a bit on the first day of the long weekend. 

2nd Man made some homemade yeast rolls and let them rise...

They came out golden and delicious (as always!)

Then he made some honey glazed carrots with parsley in butter...  

For this year's main course, we decided on a ham.  But not just any ham, this is called a "carver ham".  It's by a company called FRICK'S and is the first time we've ever had one of theirs.  WOW, was it ever GOOD!  I think it might be the best ham we've ever had.  Since it is not pre-sliced, you can cut to whatever size.

By the way, we don't get anything for mentioning them (we bought ours at HEB, a local grocery store) but we thought we'd put their link in case anyone wants to see where else they are sold.

So this was our dinner (oh and I made a retro classic casserole side-dish, more on that next week).  All together, it was a relatively simple dinner, the flavors were perfect together and it was a nice change for Thanksgiving.  

Oh and there was pie.
Pecan pie.  

Life is good.  
And so is the food!


  1. you do know how to party well! yummo!!! and you certainly got that right, all we have is each other in the end,, best wishes to you both!!!That fella of yours is a great cook!! He's a keeper!!!!!

  2. Your dinner looks terrific. Now it is time for Christmas shopping and sending out cards. Black Friday online helped me complete 90% of my shopping. Don't know if you have a Costco in Houston , but they have some terrific things on sale for gifts.

  3. Nice that you and Adrian are starting your own holiday traditions
    Now that is what I call a Great holiday meal; simple and not having a lot of dishes to wash and not eating on left-overs forever and a day.
    Can't wait to hear more about that casserole dish along with the recipe of course.
    I hope you both have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Guys. Yummy, yummy food...;)

  5. The yeast rolls sure did rise nicely for the occasion

  6. Yum, that looks sooo delicious! Especially those homemade yeast rolls - and the pecan pie - and the rest of it! Y’all really know how to make a festive meal. And it looks so colorful on the plate.
    Right now, I’m eating turkey and rice soup - made from the carcass of the turkey. Who knew that a bunch of bones and a few vegetables could make something so delicious?!
    I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous day!

  7. We'll have ham for Christmas. I'm enjoying leftover turkey now.


  8. Those were two delicious looking meals. Those rolls could win a prize at the county fair. Has he ever thought about entering them in any contest? Thar looks like a squash casserole. I just finished a turkey sandwich with Miracle Whip on delicious bread. Even though we went out for lunch, I did bake one of my hens I was given.

    You take excellent food pictures of his wonderfully prepared meals. You certainly complement each other's skills.

  9. Sue and I have been enjoying Frick hams for a couple of years now, since I discovered them at our local HyVee store. The ham steaks are really good and I buy the small already sliced ham when I just want a small amount. We think they are among the best hams we have eaten also. The store meat market manager says he has trouble keeping them in stock as they sell so fast.
    Happy rest of the Holiday weekend.

  10. Everything looks so delicious. I'm glad you had a great holiday, that pecan pie...ooh, that would have been gone in one night lol! With lots of milk to follow the sweetness!!!

  11. Pecan Pie. Mmmmmm! I'm quite jealous.
    I hope your holiday was wonderful.
    Love and light!

  12. 2nd Man has some really nice buns! ;-)


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