Tuesday, April 24, 2018


It's almost that time of year.  The dewberries are almost here!  For those new to the blog, dewberries are a Southern thing.  It's a variety of blackberry that grows wild just about everywhere in the South.

Dewberry patch 
Usually they are growing in ditches and empty lots and along fence lines. We are lucky in that they are ALL OVER THE FARM.  Large patches of dewberries.  

Dewberry trails
A few places I've mowed around and through to leave whole areas like this one above.  Everything on the left is dewberry.  By mowing this trail and keeping it mowed season after season, we've created several areas to easily pick from.  

Dewberry fruit
They have gone from thousands of white flowers to small fruit.  As you can see, they are in varying stages of ripening.  Most are just starting to turn...

Dewberries ripening
...but some, as you can see here, were already turning and looked ripe.  I plucked the one on the bottom and ate it but it was still a bit tart.  It needs to go a bit longer.  They almost always ripen within days of each other.  After all the rain we've had, I'm guessing that this weekend (or perhaps next) will be the first dewberry gathering weekend of the season.  

Dewberries last year
For those wanting to know more about dewberries, I usually post every year when it's in season.  Over near the top of the blog is a list of labels, click "dewberries" there or just look at the bottom of this post and click on the label for "dewberries" and you can pull up all the posts we've had on them.  We've made dewberry jam, dewberry cobblers and pies and last year I made a dewberry cake.

They are yummy!  Let the harvest begin (soon!)


  1. Is this thing on? Ha. I remember dewberries from my childhood. Can't wait to see how many you get this season.

    1. I know, quiet comment day. Weird. Thanks, dewberries are definitely something you'll remember, ha. Stay tuned!

  2. Daddy would mow our ten acres like that with wide trails through and near fruit and nuts we could pick. He kept the area under the pecan trees clear. We had blackberries, plums, and pecans that we picked. There were other things to eat but nothing we picked in quantities.

    1. Oh that's cool! It is nice to make it easier to get to places. I need to do more, ha. Oh pecans I would love a mature pecan tree. Have one to plant but have to find just the right spot since it's a forever thing, ha.

  3. Mmm, I see some delicious things coming out of your kitchen soon.

    1. Fingers crossed we get some good quantities. Thank you!


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